Aug 7, 2010

stay-cation magic makeovers the final eDition

mouseover to see the before image

okay so i've been trying to get a few makeovers done this week....
but it was a little CRAZY... :)
in a good way.

so i thought i would share 2.

the above is from jenny of lila huset.
such a beautiful image!
here's a break down of my process.
first i did a curves adjustment to lighten the background.
i had the urge to B&W it.
i then used my 'black & white' texture.
one layer on mutiply and one layer on soft light.

mouseover to see the before image

then there was this image.... i instantly fell in love.
i oopsed on the photo credit.  i apologize.

this photo belongs to Piroseper.

i LOVE old keys.
and honestly it is pretty darn perfect just the way it is.

i love the desaturated colors.....
so, i added a couple of black & white gradient map layers
one on soft light and one on screen.
did a tiny levels adjustment
then added the 'black & white' texture on multiply.

thank you so much to all of you that submitted images into the challenge. 
you ROCK. :)


Taylor said...

WOW!! I wish I could make photoshop work for me like this!! I love these!!

Lilla huset på prärien said...

Wow me too! Look really great! You are the greatest - wish I had half of your talent :)


Jamie said...

A-MA-ZING! Simply gorgeous

Piroseper said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ELK said...

it is breathtaking & simple both!