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Kim Klassen ~ Founder and Editor of the Inspiration~Studio

i am an artist.
i am a mother and a wife.
i am a loner.

i am on a journey.
a journey to ...
shape my life
live my dreams
create daily
capture simple beauty thru my lens
make art
share with others.
be kind.
give freely
practice gratitude

a journey that has just begun.

You can visit Kim at her café, Kim Klassen Café
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Kelly Letky ~  Beauty in Words Series

I am graphic artist, jewelry artist, writer, photographer, image maker, wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, runner, reader, gardener, knitter, housekeeper, decorator, crazy cat lady...with a dog. Not necessarily in that order.
For the past 17 years, I have worked professionally as a freelance graphic artist. And for the last five as a jewelry designer as well. I am blessed enough, and lucky enough, to work out of my home.

I have also made it my mission in life to live in the moment, find beauty and inspiration in every day, and add hope and kindness to the world. I would love it if you joined me...

You can also find Kelly at her blog The Blue Muse
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Jamie Shaw ~ Life's Soundtrack Series

Small-town turned city girl
Loves family, friends and good books
Budding photographer
Single, but looking

Obsessed with music - love listening to it, reading about it and discussing it. Believe all genres deserve a listen (or two.) Always on the lookout for something new or to share a great discovery with a friend.

You can also find me at my personal blog: Lyrical Journey, my little corner of the blogosphere and my attempt at putting a soundtrack to my life.

You can also find Jamie at her blog Lyrical Journey.
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Denise Balyoz ~  Inspiration and Dreams: a Journey Begun Series
-I am Denise - a photographer, a writer, and an artist in development. I am also a single mom of a fabulous 22 month-old daughter. I balance the creation of photos with motherhood and a full-time day job.
-My life would be incomplete without animals and especially my dog, Sam. I am American but live in England.
-My passions also include cooking great food and practicing yoga.
-My chocolate is always dark. And yes, I do drink coffee and tea with loads of milk no matter what time of day. -My red wine, however, stands on its own.
-I love to travel but am often content to stay at home. I delight in the sun but don’t mind the rain.
-A reformed devourer of books, I hope to fall off this wagon when life gives me more time.
-I have never, ever turned down a dessert.
-If given the choice, I would choose the mountains over the sea.
-My inspiration comes from many places – nature and big outdoors, my daughter and most of all, the many amazing artists who share their work and their expertise on the web.
-I am determined to live my dream and can’t wait to see where this fledgling journey leads. xxo

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Prairiegirl ~ Let your Little Light Shine Series

i have lived my whole life on the canadian prairies
and am continuously grateful for the gifts of mother nature
every day in every season ...
all is complete for me if i am outside in the fresh air

i have always been artistic in some form or another
and was fortunate to have a career in the media from radio to television to editor to publicist,
but always a graphic designer along the way

i love music . art . gardening . food . creatures great and small .
walks . holding hands going to sleep . photography .
country air . neighbors and friends and community .
laughter. giggles . lightheartedness . simplicity .
genuineness . gratitude . faith . cup o tea .
ollie by golly my cat . books . words .
technology that we might share ; )

my family is wholly my heart

i love people and believe everyone has a light to shine

i believe in kindness and goodness

go gently ~ speak kindly


and i so appreciate and am so blessed to have kim as a friend
and that she shares so freely and graciously her amazing and inspiring spirit ... : )

You can also find Aeleen at her blog Prairiegirl Studio.
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Sandra Grimm ~  Our I-Studio Reporter
I am Sandra, mostly known as Suki in the bloggosphere. I am 21. I love shoes.
And my dogs.
I am located in Germany, was born and raised here. Yes, English is my 2nd language.
I live a creative life always searching for inspiration.
And I love it!
I love to write my thoughts down, deep stuff and random rambling.
I blog at Suki Photography Blog ( about my dreams, my desires and passion.
I feel so honored to be part of the Inspiration Studio ! And I am ready to be inspired by all the goodness shared here.

You can also find Suki at her blog, Suki Photography.
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wife . mother . wanna be artist .
teacher . friend . musician .
a redhead going gray taking photos
daily with a simple camera that stays close by
the images that appear in my spaces are taken with passion and joy
presented with few simple words

I have two blog spaces and maintain an Etsy shop

I began my blog using my initials "ELK" and it just stuck..
so that is what I go by !

You can also find Elk on her blogs, Red or Gray Depends on the Day
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Lori Portka ~ Finding Happiness Through Art

I am an artist, doing what I love, in hope of spreading a little happiness around.
I believe in loving kindness.
I am trying to be as authentically me as possible.
I am mostly sweet and compassionate and learning to say "no" when
"yes" does not feel right and accept (and even embrace)
the non-optimistic, angry, spitfire part of myself.
I travel as much as possible.
I love animals with all my heart.

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You can find Lori's beautiful work and words on her site

Anna VanDemark - Alchemy of Art

I love being an artist, wife, and the mother of a beautiful, college-age daughter.  Almost every day, you’ll find me in my studio or outdoors trying to capture the surrounding beauty and magic of nature.  Although I was trained as a painter, I currently work in a variety of mediums – fabric, beads, paint, and digital photography.  A creative life keeps me inspired, always learning, and enjoying the journey!
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