Aug 7, 2010

eye chart art

have you seen the fab eye chart art?
i LOVE it
probably, cause it's all about typography.

anyhow, if you wanna make your own,
check out this download from the lovely blog

Tammy is sharing 3 different file formats for her eyechart template.
pretty sweet.
so much generousity in the land of blog.

if you want some inspiration for custom eyechart art.
google it.  there's tons of examples that will inspire you.
i'm going to make one up for my son.
he just moved into a new apartment.
(just gotta think of an idea)

anyhow, i printed off a copy of the file Tammy shared.

there was just one problem....
i couldn't find a frame that i liked.
i wanted it unmatted, and a little long and narrowish...
this template was made for a 9 x 12 frame
who knew i'd have such a hard time finding that.

thanks so much for sharing Tammy....

enjoy, xxo, kim