Aug 7, 2010

so much to love about this week. happy contented sigh.

hey there,

this week was really truly one of the best experiences i have had!
honestly i just can't explain how completely inspired i have been.

i know the word 'inspired' has been well used this week.
but, hey, i LOVE it! what could be better than feeling inspired?

before i sign off.....

if you have an inspiring stay-cation story to share. i'd love to hear it.
you can email me or simply add it to the comments.

i would like to feature a few in the eBook. your name, link info etc would be included.

i'm just going to end with a 'carol burnett' tug on my ear...
and thank you again for being a part of this!!

xxo, kim

i picked just a few beauties from the flickr pool. please know that there is so much to love in there. i can't wait to really take the time to enjoy all the magic.

i will be including the link in the stay-cation eBook. So please keep adding to the pool if you like.

image by wendy ramos

Little things often sparkle the most.

my wishes for you


Haiku - Leaving for Home
image by denise balyoz

real talk

spinning {explored}


that's a wrap.

oops, not quite a wrap... dea needs to announce the winner of her lovely give away.
we will post asap.



Suki said...

Thank you for having us this week This week inspired and pushed me to try new things. To get myself out there in the big world. Not being shy on kindness and I believe I found a few new blog I love to read too.
The goodness you shared here was amazing and I would always sign up for a 2nd round of inspiration staycation.
Thanks so much for everything.

Monica de Moss said...

Thank you for providing this venue to creativity and thank you to all the wonderful women who gave of their inspiration. I am still energized!

Know that in everything I do that's new .. I'm including a little piece of everyone who took part in this fabulous week.

Here's looking forward to the next staycation. Hugs to all.


NatNic Photo said...

Thank you Kim for Inspiration Staycation! It was so much fun-is it over already!!! You have such an infectious spirit in your writing that I can't wait to check in on your daily posts. I have been lost on your site (and related sites) this past week absorbing,and absorbing all the great energy out there. The whirly gig of sharing and love and inspiration has jump started my creativity. I wish it wasn't over, but I can't wait to see what you do next. I am a fan! Congratulations on a wonderful week of giving, you are a great motivator.

gibknitty said...

Thanks for hosting this fun week! It inspired me to take an actual staycation. I got out and did things around the city I don't normally do, spent time with friends, and brought my camera along for lots of photos. I plan to extend it into next week as well.

Wendy said...

Thanks so much for hosting this Kim - needless to say, I was inspired!!!! Thanks so much for picking my photo - which is made sooooo lovely by your textures. It would be so great if you did an Art of Texture II (hint, hint!).

SweetPea51 said...

It's been a fantastic week, Kim! Thanks so much!

Jamie said...

Thank you so much for an amazing week. With each post I felt myself more and more inspired. I've connected with some talented and amazing people this week and I have feeling we will be feeling the effects of this adventure for a long time to come.

Connie Lou said...

"what everyone said" thank you...I feel like healing is happening!

Jennifer said...

Kim, thanks so much for hosting this wonderful event. Although I was not at home and could not participate as I wished, I followed along as I had time. Hope to participate next time (hint, hint). Thank you so much.