Jul 20, 2010

makeover magic #2

mouse over to see the before image.

happy tuesday my sweet stay-cation friends.
i'm back with
photoshop magic makeover #2
i have to say ... this is FUN!!

i fell in LOVE with maureen's lovely red, white and blue cherry bowl image.
and it works perfectly with today's new 2 for textures.
so i did 2 edits..one with each texture. 

thanks so much maureen for sharing your image.
you can see more of maureen's lovely work at her truly beautiful blog, cottage 960.


i have a few announcements, but i think i will pop back tomorrow and share them.
stay tuned.

have a most inspired day.



Clare B said...

I love the second edit especially. Such a great picture to work from as well. Looking forward to the next installment...

Tammy Lee Bradley said...

wonderful use of these textures!! love.

MamaDuck said...

Wow! What an absolute beauty came out of that already beautiful bowl of cherries! I favor the one with the "spill it" texture. Awesome job!