Jul 15, 2010

10 things inspiring me this week

Floating on a summer breeze

image © Tammy Lee Bradley
The Blogging Bradleys

i thought it'd be fun to share a list of 10 'things' that are inspiring me this week.
mainly wonderful blogging 'peeps'

so here it goes.

1.  always inspired by Christina of Divas & Dreams...  but extra inspired by her cool and completely free creative workshop ~ 'this is who i am'.... wonderful stuff, Christina!

2.  i fell in love with this site yesterday. check out their beautiful new digs and view their images....  wowzer.  oh and zip on over to their blog... they are offering up a most wonderful give away. yay, flying house studios.

3.  beth from 'be yourself, everyone else is taken'....  shared her 'perfect day' at the cafe.  it's truly, inspired.

4.  love tammy's use of my 'layered' texture ....in the post picture above.  sooo lovely.... thanks bunches tammy.

5.  this post at french larkspur... and every single thing she shares.  to die for.... i pretty much wanna move into tracey's place.  seriously beyond....

6.  robin's post on finding beauty in growing older is profound!

7.  my son brett started blogging.  and he's writing for the 'examiner'... PROUD mama. :)  you go bretter. :) click the link to give him a penny...a cent a click or something like that. :)  but like i tell him...it's all about the experience.

8.  caroline's post on 'the chase'.  it's extremelely honest and thought provoking.  'sigh'

9.  christina's having a party to celebrate her birthday, tomorrow.  happy birthday to you, christina.

10.  layla and kevin....  the cutest couple ever.  check out their shopping video.  and don't blame me if you secretly find yourself fantasizing that you are them... lol.. jokes.. but honestly how cute are they? 


that's all for now... 

please share your link to your creative space pics.  I'd love to see them.... 
there's a little linky tool at the bottom of the post.

oh and have you entered your photoshop magic pics

happy thursday...

new music love, after watching kevin & layla


Tammy Lee Bradley said...

wow. *blushing* I am happy you liked it. It is one of my personal favs. It no longer looks like a photo. I looks like art!!! I just might get a hang of these textures yet. :)stay sweet. ♥tlb

Leah C said...

Tracey...Layla&Kevin...daily doses of inspiration:) Love 'em, too!
P.S. Thanks for the texture:)

Caroline said...

I love owl city!!!

And thank you for linking my post on the chase. It's nice not chasing anything thing right now. Although I wouldn't mind chasing fireflies :)


Divas and dreams photography blog said...

Oh wow Kim...your such a sweetheart!!! THANK you for mentioning my blog, that is so kind of you!!!

I must say what a georgeus blog you have created here...I love the layout and all your cute ideas!! You are the most creative person I know of :-)

Hugs/ C

Robin said...

Love your 10 things...I'm off to have a look :)
So excited for Brett!!! I'll be sure to click!
Love to you my friend...looking forward to being back to a semblance of normal very soon ... xoxo

leavesnbloom said...

Kim I hope I can spend more time here over the next week. I can't wait to have a little look at your list of 10. My son loves Owl City and I play the latest CD as I do my housework. Fireflies is my favourite. Thanks for the video. :) Rosie

Anonymous said...

The way Tammy did this makes it look like a painting...beautiful Art. I would put it on a canvas and hang it in my house!

Christina said...

i adore your 10 things! now i must go and check on those links.
: )

beth said...

you're too sweet and WHAT??? you have a son that is blogging ? THAT is sooooo cool !

okay.....sleep will have to wait ! i have many links to check out that you just shared here :)

when i see bags under my eyes tomorrow morning, i might be bad mouthing you.....well, just a little :)

mosey said...

Love to see what inspires others. Tammy sure is one of them - love that image.