Oct 22, 2010

Seasonal Change

 I am constantly amazed at the beauty that surrounds us.

...and have been seeking quiet moments to reflect...
and to remember to be grateful.

This autumn there are many changes that are taking place in my life, in the lives of my twenty-something children and in the lives of my elderly parents. 

 It is all part of the natural rhythm of life.
And really...
...change is a beautiful thing.

 I have been singing Stevie Nicks' Landslide...
...it seems to play over and over inside my head.

 I read somewhere that she wrote the lyrics when she was young and struggling to become independent.
Her father was ill and she was afraid of the future and the unknown.

 I find the lyrics poignant... but not sad.

 I took my love, I took it down
Climbed a mountain and I turned around
I saw my reflection in the snow covered hills
'Till the landslide brought me down

Oh, mirror in the sky
What is love
Can the child within my heart rise above
Can I sail through the changing ocean tides
Can I handle the seasons of my life
I don't know

Well, I've been afraid of changing
'Cause I've built my life around you
But time makes you bolder
Even children get older
And I'm getting older too

Oh, take my love, take it down
Climb a mountain and turn around
If you see my reflection in the snow covered hills
Well the landslide will bring it down

If you see my reflection in the snow covered hills
Well the landslide will bring it down.

Don't be afraid of changes!
To Everything There Is A Season...


Jill said...

My two oldest going off to college, my mother in law getting very ill and showing her age, my son driving, these are just the small changes right now in my life and honestly...the technology...can't fear any of it but pray and keep moving!

Michelle Palmer said...

I hear you :)
Hope your weekend is wonderful~

Prairie Girl Studio said...

thanks, laura ~

Marcie said...

Change is necessary..and good. Embrace the change! Beautiful imagery!!!

Jamie said...

Laura - this post is amazing. From the photo to your words to the song, simply perfect.

Carola Bartz said...

Beautiful post - and so true. Over the years I have learned that change always carries opportunity.

Kia said...

A beautiful post (so true!) and gorgeous photos. Thanks!
Happy weekend ahead :)

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and thanks to Jamie for helping me with the music player! :)

dbalyoz said...

oh laura, thanks so much. I am in midst of so many changes right now, but that is OK. I love this song and am enjoying it now!! :) x

Kim Klassen said...

Oh Laura
Change..... oh my do i know change...'sigh'.....

your images are incredible...and for some reason... tears are flowing as I listen to Stevie. I just can't believe how quickly my life is flying by....seeing my kids move into the next stage..i pray they find their path..and love their life...

thank you, Laura... truly...thank you....

love, kim

kelly@thebluemuse said...

the photos are incredible, where were they taken? just gorgeous.
i am in that same place in life, children in their twenties, parents getting older. You are so right with what you said here. Change comes no matter what, we may as well embrace it.

ELK said...

laura . a quiet place to feel the change today ..your images are stunning!!