Oct 23, 2010

Saturday Vintage Finds

Happy Halloween!
Are you all decorated yet?
Do you have your costume ready?

 I found this wonderful velvet hat from the 50's
in my Etsy hunt this week!
Trying to figure a way to build a costume around it!

This dreamy 1950's ballerina costume would be mine if it weren't an extra small size!

There are lots more vintage Halloween items to be found on Etsy...
Have fun shopping!


Kim Klassen said...

Good Morning Laura
Wow, talk about some fab finds!!

What wonderful halloween fun you have found!!
Amazing details in these vintage finds...

Well done...as always Laura...havea wonderful weekend.

Lynn Richards said...

LOVE the "Boo" cards!! Those put a big smile on my face!

Prairie Girl Studio said...

scary stuff, laura!
i can see you maybe making that velvet hat
into the head of some sort of bug ... hmmmm
... it kinda reminds me of a bunch of eyes ...
oh hey! a creepy spider head?
and me, too ~ LOVE the 'boo' cards!

Jamie said...

Add the black hat to the ballerina costume, slap on a bit of makeup and you have a zombie ballerina

kelly@thebluemuse said...

I love the owl. And that hat, and those cards...oh, i just love it all! Halloween is fun.

ELK said...

laura you have a wonderful eye for fun!

ShaylaF said...

These items are beautiful, especially the ballerina costume. I want it so bad!

Krystal said...

I never thought to look at costumes on etsy! you're brilliant :)