Oct 30, 2010

Saturday Vintage Finds

Family pets, bits of blue, sisters and Mothers, comfort foods...

It feels like Saturday to me!
 What feels like Saturday to you?

Hope you enjoyed browsing Vintage Etsy with me today!
See you next week!


Kim Klassen said...

oh Laura
you find the most fabulous treasures... and the cobalt blue mixing bowls... swoon....
love the way they pop against all that white..and then that morsel of orange... what a fab image!

and the vintage wareshouse...oh dear... I may be in trouble... must go find out more... :)

then I popped over to sevenbc.....so many amazing vintage finds in one spot...

and oh my goodness... callooh callay has an amazing small wooden rolling pin in their shop... be still my heart.

beautiful...lovely picks Laura.

Prairie Girl Studio said...

gosh, you find the most wonderful vintage shops!

hmmm ... saturdays generally feel like a 'to do' day ... an 'up and at 'em' kind of day!

thanks for sharing these fantastic finds ... : )

kim ... race you to the blue bowls ; )


mrs mediocrity said...

Yes, those blue bowls, swoon, but I guess Kim saw them first.... :)
Love them all, old books are always a favorite.

Krystal said...

I just bought 'Vanity Fair' as a vintage book at a bookshop in Germany. I'm so excited it's so old and pretty :) have you read that?

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

I did read that...a long time ago...a classic! I adore old books and have collected way too many! :)