Sep 22, 2010

'Practice' makes 'Perfect'

Continuing on with this series on 'daily practice' - I will be writing weekly about this sometimes elusive process..and all things related. Because it is one that is ever-changing and constantly evolving..I have no idea where it is we might go. Everyday is a new one..and an opportunity to begin again fresh and new. Would love to hear your thoughts..and if there is anything you'd like to add or contribute.

And to that - I begin again today:

By definition - 'practice' is the act of rehearsing a behavior over and over, or engaging in and activity again and again for the purpose of improving or mastering it. It is a method of learning and acquiring experience. It derives from the Greek verb - 'prasso' - to achieve, bring about, effect, accomplish.

Practice makes perfect.

Practice and you will perfect whatever it is you are practicing.

Practice and you will 'be' perfect.

For so many of us..these words are mother tongue. They are burned permanently into our unconscious minds and psyche. We believe that in order to achieve..we must practice and practice and practice some more. There is a prize at the end of this pose.

But what if practice doesn't make perfect..or achieve ultimate mastery? What if the ultimate goal is the practice itself and nothing more or other than that?

Practice builds strength..skill..proficiency. It is about discipline and habit. And the elusive prize that we are seeking might just be right there in that pose.

Practice does not make perfect. Practice makes 'practiced'...and nothing other. I invite you all today..and everyday to join me in that.


Dyche Designs said...

It's funny but I was having a conversation with my husband last night about how it's now always the end result that's the most rewarding but the journey and the process. Great post.

Jill said...

I agree. It's more about the journey and the process than the final outcome. This is a great post!

margie said...

funny but i remember so well the ultimate practice when i was young....the piano. i did practice because i wasn't given a choice, i never was any good, i never liked it. in fact i would actually pretend that i had forgotten to go to my piano lesson with that old woman whose name i don't remember.

Lori said...

Well said. Practice makes practiced. I love it.

Anita said...

I just discovered, by accident, that I can make the image very large by clicking on it. Yay! That allows me to appreciate its subtle beauty.

I'm sharing today's post with my 21 year old son, as I think it may give him a new way of thinking about the difficult issue of self-discipline.

Your little essay leads me to the thought that one must enjoy the practice, or one would not do it. Hence, it is important to find enjoyable as well as beneficial practices.

kelly@thebluemuse said...

I so agree, we are never perfect, we cannot be perfect. It is something to aspire to that must include the enjoyment of the process, always learning, always growing, living life.

patty said...

I'm loving this idea of practice but I certainly struggle with the consistency of it and I know others do as well. I believe that if we commit to it, and embrace the idea of practice as its own reward that there will be bonuses that we can't even conceive of - like icing on the cake!

ELK said...

thank you Marcie for your always stirring photos and simple true words today...i am in constant "practice"

Carola Bartz said...

Since I found "Daily Practice" I've been thinking more and more about it. You have really inspired me since I joined blogworld. I practice way more than I used to and I'm loving it. It's not perfection that I want to achieve (in fact, I'm a big believer in imperfection) but the warm feeling of contentness and even happiness. Thank you for your always wonderful inspiration.

Jamie said...

I've spent time since you post last week trying to figure out what my daily practices are. I'm not happy with what I've found. I'm giving myself the next month to finish up a project at work and then I'm going to take your advice today and start!

Anonymous said...

These past couple of days I've been thinking that even though I'm 3/4 of the way through my 365 project I can't see myself not taking a shot a day when it's done. In fact, I just described my daily picture taking as a "daily practice" to someone - I'm sure you were lodged somewhere in my memory :) And yes I agree it is a journey, my own, and perfect for me even if for no one else ;)

t does wool said...

well said,kim~~