Sep 21, 2010

Finding Happiness Through Art

Hello friends!  This is my first post as a contributor to Inspiration Studio.  I am SO excited!

When I met Kim, it was an instant connection and I knew that I wanted to contribute to this lovely blog before I even really knew what it involved.  I love when there is such clarity!

So, my topic here is "Finding Happiness Through Art..."  I plan to feature other artists and share any and all things related to this topic- how fun!  

But first, I thought I'd start with my own journey to find happiness through art.  This is my REAL BIO- the true one, that lead me to my art business today.  I am so grateful...

Finding Happiness Through Art
My story

Graduated from college, married, worked as a teacher
Got my masters in mental health counseling. 
Thought I would work in a school forever and earn a safe, reliable income. 
Began making art again at age 30-something for the first time since tenth grade. 
Heard my husband say he didn’t love me anymore. 
He actually meant it. 

And my heart broke. 
And we divorced. 
And I felt abandoned and angry and afraid and shamed. 
And somehow, I kept making art. 

I turned a blank book into a visual journal where I sat in meditation, wrote my intention, prayed and let the art pour out of me and onto the paper.  It gave me a place to hold my grief and fear about the past and my hope and excitement about the future. 

Everything changed. 
My heart opened. 
And sometimes I rode the waves of pain on a boat of pastels, paints, chalk and inks.
It was quite a bumpy ride.

I grew deeper, more spiritual, more compassionate. 

Sometimes happiness can be elusive.  It comes in, graces us with its presence and light and then disappears, leaving us with only shadows.  That’s okay.  Happiness always returns again.

And I am still finding happiness through art. 

These days I am remarried and happily living in a cute cape-cod home in upstate New York with my loving husband, my gorgeous step kids, gentle-hearted greyhounds, and calico cat.  We love to read spiritual books, drink green juice, travel, go on hikes, and snuggle in to watch movies and eat dark chocolate.  I am so grateful for this life here; doing work I love and watching my creative dreams open up and become real.
I am so looking forward to doing more posts here and getting to know all of you!  

Hugs and Kisses,


dbalyoz said...

oh wow lori...what an amazing journey. your life sounds absolutely inspired. thanks for sharing. can't wait to read more. :) denise

Kate said...

hi! I just stumbled upon your sweet little blog and couldn't help but hit the follow button! I look forward to following your adventures in the future! xo, Kate

Julia said...

Lori. You are truly a treasure. As i've said many times before, i feel so blessed to have connected with you.

I love this honest, authentic bio so much-it should be used as a model of how to write a bio (without all the bs).

With love,


Carola Bartz said...

Lori, what a lovely post. What hardship, inspiration, beauty. I look forward to meet you here often!

Kim Klassen said...

I have goosebumps and no words...

an incredible post.. so happy you are here!!
'sigh' happy contented 'sigh'

xxo, kim

Prairie Girl Studio said...

thanks for sharing YOU ...
through and through ...
SO excited to see and grow
from you here ...

Marcie said...

Oh...this is such a beautiful heart-felt story. It reminds me of how art-saves and transforms and anchors us. Looking forward to more words and art from you!!!

Jamie said...

What an amazing way to kick of your journey here! I can't see what else you have in plan for us.

Leaves and Feathers said...

You are such a beautiful spirit Lori!! I am thrilled to see what you have to say in your column here about finding Happiness Through Art, your first post here has blown me away!
I love how you told your story in such a simple way, giving it more power somehow!
The way you allowed Art into your heart and transform your life is just such an amazing example to us all! xo

kelly@thebluemuse said...

What a story! And I had to smile at the end because I, too, live in a small cape cod home in upstate NY with my second husband and three step-kids between us (though they are now grown) and a dog and six cats...oh and i love dark chocolate and hikes and movies. I felt like I could have written that myself.

Your post was wonderful, and now I am looking forward to your future posts as well...

~Kristina said...

YOU are beautiful. Your story has me excited for what you will share here.

ELK said...

Lori has a way of transcending through all the other stuff of life!
So happy to meet you and have your lovely work here ..blessings ELK

chrissy said...

lori...i love your honesty. your story has long inspired me and YOU inspire me dear one. i feel so privileged to get to breath you in, in a few short weeks. what a lovely blog to be a part of.

Kate said...

Beautiful Lori! You are living proof that 'all you have to be is you.'

& I love your guest blogging blog.... and now I have some more inspiration to follow ;)


canvas paintings said...

how inspiring, what an amazing journey, I really enjoyed reading your article, keep up the great work. best wishes Jo