Sep 22, 2010

The Traveling Tribe ~ Embracing Creativity

It started one place and over time evolved into something different...something unique....something beautiful. We weren’t art students, had no formal training but we had a desire. We had a desire to tell our create a sense of legacy for our children. To tell our story required the capturing and retelling of moments...both the ordinary and extraordinary moments of life....birthdays, travels, big events and simple days playing cars on the floor. We each approached this endeavor with a different medium...he with his camera and her with paper.

As we engaged this journey we soon unlocked a seemingly endless supply of creativity which soon expanded to include others around us. As we developed our craft and abilities we soon found ourselves helping others to tell their stories as well. Friends would gather, enjoy tea and scrapbook pages about their family. Photo shoots would be done to capture the love and passion of a newlywed couple...or the joy of a newborn baby. Each endeavor seemed to lead to new opportunities and along the way a style was born.

We recognize that we’ve come far in a short period of time....but that we’re also just at the beginning of the journey. There’s so much we’ve yet to much about ourselves that we’ve yet to discover. We’re creative beings and as we travel and live around the world we exist to help others embrace and tell their stories....we are the Traveling Tribe.

As we each continue on this journey of creativity we’d love to know your story as well. How did you start on your creative process? What motivates you to create? Where would you like to be creatively in a year....two years?


sonyamacdesigns said...

I started on this journey as part of the subject (family) of my Dad's obsession to capture moments of his family while traveling for the military. I've started one of three magazines and in a year from now I hope to be shooting more while I travel with my family. Creating art when we are at home while maintaing my publishing products, which bring & bond my craft as one in books and magazines.

Jamie said...

I've always had little crafty projects, but never considered myself creative or artistic (apart from coming up with creative was to solve problems at work.) But thanks to encouraging friends and family I'm discovering this part of me and I've never been happier.

Faith Hope Cherrytea said...

WoW ! great questions Kim ~
creative since childhood - as soon as my stepgrandma taught me to sew - on a treadle machine no less & she didn't speak any english! - started me with a childsize apron just for me! then i moved onto Barbie clothes cut from city cousins' hand-me-downs.. such fun!
what motivates? being made in the image of The Creator - like Father like daughter ..
currently creating innovative worship ~ a fulfilling dream!
where nxt? will have to reflect on
that one ... thx for asking !!

~Kristina said...

I am still starting. I may always be starting. What is important for me is that while i'm in the starting phase I am doing. All my life i've tinkered with words, strung together phrases and been enamoured by language.
In the next few years I want to figure out who I am as a creative being.
Fantastic questions! Thanks for them.

Suki said...

How did I start?!
Well it started as a life documenting project. And embraced into a kind of mental healing for me. I get the motivation from everyday life. I create because I am happy. I create because I am sad. It always helps me to express my feelings and the words I want to say, but am yet too hesistant to.
I see myself a year or two down the road as a recommended photographer in my area. Considering opening a studio space. That's what I would like to do.

Thanks for your wonderful post :)
Thank you for getting my thoughts moving in the right direction.

kelly@thebluemuse said...

I love what you are doing, a marvelous, generous idea.

Mine is a somewhat convoluted story, I started writing poetry at 13, wanted to be a photographer at 17, then left both behind and became a graphic artist. This year, at 47, I have come back to both writing and photography, and now my vision of the future is changing...

Jack Fussell said...

Thanks for all of the responses. It's amazing to see that we all have something in common...we each consider ourselves at the beginning of our journey. I really wonder if even the legendary artists of the past felt the same way...that they were still only at the beginning of their journey.

I think what is important is that we're all craving more...that hunger is what creates momentum and keeps us continually moving forward with our craft.

Thanks for sharing!