May 17, 2011

when a day may seem dim ...

i am weak.

the world is too much.

unfathomable flooding.

fierce fires.

tragic tornadoes.

extraordinary earthquakes.

terrifying tsunamis.

humankind is weakened by mother nature's power.

but the strength is in the spirit.

i am filled with faith

by the soul's insatiable spirit to survive.

feeling strength from their strength,

 i celebrate and seek inspiration

and feel immense gratitude.

thank you pool contributors
for continuing to create,
to share so graciously,
to let your light shine brightly
when a day may seem dim ...

doreen kilfeather inbetweeness

cindy taylor cottage window

learning junkie creativity ~ 52 weeks of gratitude

lucia and mapp sweet!

araceli calabuig roba nenuda




Anna said...

Thanks PG, for your hope filled words and the amazing photos of the iStudio pool contributors! Such a well of beauty!

c taylor said...

Thank you so much PG! I am so honored to be here and love your (always!)inspiring words and thoughts!

Lisa RedWillow said...

Your sure speak to me of all of this. Im a few hours away from the fires. My heart is heavy from all that has happened.
I live on the Praires or Alberta.
Much Love
and Love all of these images.

Donna said...

These are ALL so Beautiful!
I seem to be doing nothing but praying these days...It's Gotta' get better...

kelly@thebluemuse said...

This whole post brought me peace, which is hard to find these days. Thank you for that.

Teri said...

:) thanks so much for including me in a beautiful collection of photos! :)

Jamie said...

So much beauty in a single posts - a good reminder the beauty is always there if you look.

Kristin said...

so beautiful dear girl and just what i needed to lift me up today...*thank you*


missing moments said...

Such beautifully expressed words that fill me up. Thank you.

ELK said...

this is very special are you PG~

dbalyoz said...

aeleen, inspirational photos and the exact perspective to keep us all in balance...thank you!!! x Denise

Karen said...

Inspirational words, beautiful pictures. It is the simple things that bring most joy.