May 14, 2011


While spring makes an appearance over here and I think about nurturing. How important it is to love and nurture oneself. To be nutured and even mothered by strangers and friends. How this care, you are able to recieve can change how you nurture others. When I think of nurture, I think of fresh fruits, baskets full of it and going on picknicks. Being grateful for care that is offered. Being brave enough to let someone else nurture you. In physical or emotional ways.
It reminds me that I should soak up every tiny thing there is to know about nurturing.I believe it is one important thing to mother and nurture friends, family or a stranger. To some it comes beautifully easy, some have to work on it very hard.
Nevertheless the final result will never be any more rewarding to both people in this giving, recieving relatonship.

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Anna said...

Suki, what a beautiful collage of photos! This season - with Mother's Day and new spring growth - certainly does make one think of nurturing. But, it's also a great focus to hold dear all year long, thanks for the reminder!

Prairie Girl Studio said...

mmmm ... yes, a lovely reminder indeed ...

i have taken on many tasks to assure our mom's safety, happiness and general well being as she strives to live in her own home while struggling with dementia ...

she is no longer able to go out to have her hair and nails done, so we have a hair dresser come in to do her hair, and i am doing her nails.

after doing all the regular tasks one day last week, i ended off with doing her nails which was nurturing in it's own way for both her and me ... touching her hands, visiting, taking care, sitting close, and leaving her feeling good about herself and pretty ... a lovely moment of nurturing for both ... : )

thanks suki ~ hugs to you!