May 14, 2011

Life's Soundtrack: By the Numbers Music

I heart words
Photo by Kim Kath

Note:  I'm reposting this after it was dropped when Blogger went offline.

I suspected this theme, By The Numbers, would produce a fun eclectic playlist - and I was right.  It contains everything from the current darling of pop: Taylor Swift, to the legends: The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Queen, and my personal favorite, Johnny Cash.  There's a little of something for everyone in this one.

To listen to the playlist, click on the triangle in the middle of the player.  To skip to the next song, or to go back, click on the < or > to either side of the embedded player.

I tend to get the credit for our playlists, but let's face it - what makes them amazing is the diversity that comes from all of you who take the time to comment and share your song picks.  I think it is time to share the the credit.  If you are looking to connect with another inspiring blogger, take a minute and check out the people behind this week's playlist:  Edie, Elissa, Kelly, Kim (Kim is also responsible for the gorgeous photo at the top of this post), ELK, PG, Terrie, Suki, and Karen.  Thanks ladies, for helping to create what may be our most eclectic playlist to date.

Happy Listening


Cat said...

Love that inspirational picture...that heart is so sweet!

xx Cat brideblu

Anna said...

Thanks Jamie! This will be fun to listen to.

Anna said...

Thanks Jamie! I always enjoy your playlists:)

Prairie Girl Studio said...

awwww ... thanks jamie!

but most of all, thanks for reposting this ... i hit the refresh button a bunch of times and was like 'noooooooo', i need to hear her playlist!!
just makes one realize how much we rely on blogger to keep alive for us! phew!

hope you are having a great weekend filled with sunshine ... : )

A Box of Chocolates said...

thanks for choosing my photo Jamie what a surprise when I saw that made my day and I love the playlist too ha ha!!

Karen said...

I've listened to this playlist as I've been on the pc this morning - a great mix and I've heard some artists new to me. Thanks for putting it together.