Apr 13, 2011

A Spring Morning

Guest Post by Jillsy Girl


the fogginess 
of sleep
as i walk
through the quiet house
the only sound 
is that of my slippers 
with each sluggish step
i open the back door
my eyes and ears 
 fill with delight
the sun still lurks behind the trees
her multitude of arms stretching forward
casting warmth to everything they touch

the mature viburnum aflame in pure white diamonds
a young dogwood beside it
 can't match its beauty yet
but tries its hardest
a towhee sits close by 
overlooking a nearby birdbath 
contemplating a dip
as others in the distance
chirp their tunes to each other

nature coming to greet the new day
offering me its simple gift
a spring morning
Guest Post by Jillsy Girl
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maureen said...

lovely post. I have also enjoyed the sounds of spring of late. So welcome after a long winter.

Jillsy Girl said...

Thank you Kim for featuring this post. I'm honored!

Marcie said...

Pure poetry! Beautiful!!!

Jamie said...

What a beautiful post.

Dyche Designs said...

Such a beautiful post, I felt as though I was right there in my slippers with you.

lisa said...

Just beautiful!

kelly@thebluemuse said...

Just lovely, Jill! Sigh... no blooms here yet, but soon, soon. I love your photos!

ELK said...

this is so very lovely .. i so enjoyed the life in each one!!

Anna said...

Your words and photos let me walk into a spring that we have yet to experience here in the frigid north. Just lovely!