Feb 5, 2011

i-Studio flickr pool inspiration

Hello sweet i-Studio friends,

I haven't been here in a while inspiring you, since I was sick and kind of constantly undergoing change around here.
Today I am back though to inspire you with i-Studio lovelies! I will be quiet today and let the images speak for themselves.

What We May NEED Is Air Traffic Control
What We May NEED Is Air Traffic Control by RRFjt (Behind as usual)

365 2010 September 5~Change (in the season)is gonna come
September 5~Change (in the season)is gonna come by julieabrown1

Fading (34/365)
Fading (34/365) by amberaikenphotography

{Sweet 16}
{Sweet 16} by ♥AG Photography{Amarie}♥

artist by Tammy Lee Bradley, on Flickr

Wishing you all a wonderful and lovely weekend!



Rosie said...

A wonderful selection, Suki! Hope you feel well again! Have a great weekend!

Anna said...

So glad you're back and feeling better! What a lovely group of photos. Thanks!

Joella said...

welcome back! thank you for the lovely photos:) namaste

maureen said...

I always love the photos that you find. Each one unique and beautiful.

MODERN Prairie Girl said...

That first one speaks to my heart...I love birds for all the metaphors they conjure up. It's so lovely!

Prairie Girl Studio said...

hello sweet suki!
lovely to see you ...
glad you are feeling more yourself ... *hug*
thanks for sharing these outstanding works
with us ... 'sweet 16' is definitely speaking
to me this morning!

take good care ~

kelly@thebluemuse said...

what a wonderful group of images, i love them all! hope you are feeling better!

Lori said...

So beautiful! The wilting flower is very powerful.