Sep 2, 2010

We all need a little dose everyday ~ by Suki

reminders from the dashboard (random acts of kindness)
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Kindness is something powerful. Kindness can move the world. It lifts you up on bad days. Kindness can show another individual human being that the world can be good despite the worst life situations.

Almost daily I am touched by the cruel manner of people surrounding me.
It might be a bus driver not helping an elderly lady into his bus or shutting the doors, when he clearly sees that someone else wants to get in.
With cruel manner I also mean making someone insecure right before a big decision takes place. I don't know if people do it on purpose or not, but I have experienced it lately too much to be honest. Making people who depend on your influence unsure makes them fail. Although, that wouldn't have been the case if you, the person who has a big place in their life, would have acted differently and showed some real support. Not something false.

In the past week I choose to see the acts of kindness performed among strangers.
It's unbelievable and breathtaking.
You can make someone's day if you wish.
Telling the lady who forgot her glasses at home what size she picked so she can try on that dress.
Showing someone the way while walking with him a little along the way.
Extending your heart to someone in need of something. A friend in need of companionship and laughter. A child in need of tenderness and care.
Today, I wanted to raise awareness, that kindness can indeed move the world.

I tried it myself by leaving notes like the ones pictured here all around my city. A day later I walked by all the places to see that some were in a different place, some were taken away and some were still in that same place. I will never know if someone else had a better day due to my note. But the simple opportunity that it holds makes me realize that the gift of kindness is very powerful indeed.

Try it out for yourself and see what happens. Because one of the biggest rules held in the Universe of Kindness is, if you open your heart to it, kindness comes back to you in shapes and forms you don't expect.

you can be honest
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Spread knowledge and kindness today.


Carola Bartz said...

Seen from the receiving end: If a stranger shows kindness to me - holds the door for me, lets me squeeze into traffic, stops to let me cross the street - it just makes my day! The sun shines a little bit brighter, even if it's raining!

Jamie said...

Lovely post - we all need a little more kindness in our day.

blue elephant photography said...

suki, your post is so beautiful! ♥

Alan said...

I recently came across your site, very nice. Keep it up.

Suki said...

Thank you all for your nice words. It was my pleasure to put this together for you.

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Imagine what a world we would live in if everyone practiced just a little kindness everyday!
Lovely and meaningful post Suki!

kelly@thebluemuse said...

Oh my, I am in love with this idea. I love the notion of leaving these little notes to encourage other people, in ways I will never know.
That was really beautiful, Suki, believe in yourself, leave yourself a note, your are good and kind and special.

Kim Klassen said...

i too love the idea of leaving secret random notes .... little pieces of goodness everywhere...

wonderful Suki!!

Prairie Girl Studio said...

thank you, suki for this most thoughtful
and loving post ...

your kindness stretches and reaches far beyond ...

blessings ~

mosey said...

Love this idea, Suki. A blogger friend (and her toddler) did this in her town with a slightly different intent - she left a disposable camera and had people take pictures and then leave a note for the next person.

I'm waiting to be brave enough to try it myself.

Gretchen said...

Wow, Suki I love your post. I just read it today, Saturday, and had got up at 6:30 a.m. today and wrote a post very similiar to yours. We were definitely on the same wavelength. See my post here.. I was inspired to write this post after emailing back and forth with Kim last Sunday when I first discovered her blogs and fell in love with them. So interesting to see your post today. I am about 5 email updates behind on Kim's subscriptions to her blogs and while at our cabin am trying to catch up with this weeks entries. Love this inspiration blog and also what you bring to the group.
Here's to be nice---

dbalyoz said...

thanks suki...we all need a little more kindness...every day! :)