Sep 16, 2010

Life's Soundtrack - Guys Who Excel


While I was in college one of my roommates introduced me to some great classic rock (Tom Petty and Steve Miller Band) and the art of a good mixed tape.  Anne had a love of good music, an amazing gift for picking songs that went together and wasn't afraid to mix genres and musical time periods.  If I still had the ability to play an actual cassette tape I'd still be listening to some of her mixes.

We've come a long way from the days mixed tapes.  Today we have iTunes, Grooveshark and YouTube that makes the physical creation of a mix easy, but picking the songs is still an art - one that I'm trying to master.  Today I want your help to reinvent one of Anne's classic mixes - Guys Who Have Excelled (at more than bugging girls) - I think it's a safe guess that one or more of us were having guy problems that week.

I'm hoping we can create a mix of talented and amazing men that can rival our list of history making women, so get your suggestions ready and share them in the comments.  I can't wait to hear this list!  I'll get us started with a few of my favorites:

Tom Petty - Into the Great Wide Open (bonus: Johnny Depp)
Johnny Cash - Hurt
Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal
U2 - One
Pearl Jam - Just Breathe
Ryan Adams  - Amy
The Eagles - Hotel California
Zac Brown Band - Free

Now for something that is guaranteed to expand your horizons - last week you helped me create a list full of artists making music under another sky.  I've had so MUCH fun this week exploring the music of artists I hadn't heard of before - amazing talent so easy to find once you've been pointed in the right direction.  Thank you so much for your wonderful contributions:

Don't forget to share your favorite male artists and songs, help us put together another amazing playlist.

Happy Listening
Lyrical Journey


gibknitty said...

I was so surprised to see one of my photos at the top of this post. Thanks for highlighting it! That "slogan" is painted on a pier on the Manhattan side of the governor's island ferry.

I can't wait to go and listen to this new playlist. Thanks for putting it all together.

Kim Klassen said...

fantastic list... working away and enjoying the inspiration you have compiled....

the wings.... by the corrs... in LOVE.....

thank you Jamie.. you make Thursdays ROCK!!

xxo, kim

Suki said...

beautiful playlist Jamie!!!!
LOVED, loved, loved little wing by the Corrs!

My favourite male artist is Joshua Radin lately :)

andersoncrew said...

Jamie, Your memories of my theraputic mix tapes were so touching! I also love your new one that was inspired by my old ones which always included some Tom Petty and Pearl Jam and then something more obscure! You are such a kindred spirit! Love, Anne

andersoncrew said...

Wow, Pearl Jam without the agnst - I like it!

Marcie said...

Loving today's soundtrack. Beautiful!!!

kelly@thebluemuse said...

so loving finding new artists through your lists.
okay, i have to admit, i am a little bit in love with eddie vedder...sigh...
Hurt by Johnny Cash brings me to tears.
And then, we need a little Bob Dylan in there, very hard to pick one song, but Nettie Moore from Modern Times shows that he still has it...

And Adam Duritz of Counting Crows, love! A Murder of One, Rain King, Mercury, again, hard to choose.

Neil young is also a favorite, The Old Laughing Lady comes to mind.

So much fun!

gibknitty said...

OK, I'm back. I had to think about this one a bit. I think we have to add Michael Stipe (R.E.M.), and I always give a shout out to David Gray (I think I've mentioned him before, but not since you've been doing these playlists?), and since I am originally from New Jersey, I must give props to Bruce Springsteen. Looking forward to next week's playlist.

ELK said...

Jaime ..i am so happy to be here today..i have preschool songs stuck in my head (i am a music teacher)and your wide range of "grown up" tunes have made my evening..i love your posts!!

blue elephant photography said...

i love the post and playlist! i love to listen to pearl jam too - Daughter and Black. Also I love to listen to "The Smiths" - What Difference Does It Make. I like Bruce Springsteen too Dancing in the Dark =)

Karen said...

Hi Jamie
Oh I really enjoyed listening to FREE. First time for me hearing the Zac Brown Band. Sweet!

Ok, here are a few from me

Jesse Cook; Fall at your feet
The Who; Love reign O'er Me
Stevie Ray Vaghn; Cold Shot
and of course I must give a shout out for:
Van Morrison; Sweet Thing...

Carola Bartz said...

James Taylor, You've got a friend (You can see why I said Carola King the last time...)

Prairie Girl Studio said...

jamie shaw ~ YOU ROCK, girl!

what an awesome lineup this has been ...
thanks so much for all the work you do in
putting this all together ... like, wow ...
lovely introductions to so many new artists! yay!

hmmmm ... guys who have excelled, eh? (canadian *wink*)
welllll ... these guys have excelled in my little world ... making a mark of musical wonders ... in writing, singing, guitar picking, story telling ... and toe tapping ...
BILL BOURNE, the house ~ live in lexington is a good version ... and has an interview (and yes, i have seen him live ~ wow ~ love)
LOUIS ARMSTRONG, what a wonderful world .. my hb played this for me while i sat on the couch nursing the twins ... and i would think to myself, what a wonderful world ... : ) ~ thanks, louis.
but i guess if we are talking my college days ~
JIM MORRISON, the doors, light my fire... imagine if he was still living how he would have excelled ...'nuff said.

love this!

andersoncrew said...

Jamie, I have the perfect song. It is "Heroes" by the Wallflowers. It is a remake of an old David Bowie song. Jacob Dylan does an outstanding job with it and I think I like it better than the original. I also think Jacob Dylan is cute!

Faith Hope Cherrytea said...

adding a little canadian flavour-
jacob moon - sarah
the attics music - here enJoy!