Sep 15, 2010

A Challenge

By now - you’ve all heard from me. What challenges..what centers..what grounds and inspires me.

You’ve heard how I greet each morning by saluting the sun…and how that ‘practice’ has shaped and changed how I view my world and capture it through my camera’s lens.

You’ve heard how I meet the blank page…and fill it with whatever the moment has to offer.

Now – it’s your turn.

I’d love to hear about your ‘practices’ – whether they be daily…weekly..or monthly. I’d love to hear about what gets your engines going in the morning…what inspires…what helps you see and feel and ‘be’.

To that – I’d like to offer up a challenge. In 300 words..or less – tell me about yourself. You can use words..or images..or both. Tell me what you do that frames your day..that focuses you…that gets you going when nothing else will. I’d love to hear about your ‘practices’ – in your own creative way.

Over the next few weeks – we’ll be posting your offerings right here at the Inspiration Studio. It's an opportunity to see..and be seen..and be a part of this extraordinary group.

Leave a comment here. Let me know what you think...and if you'd like to be a part of this. And then – email me directly with your story. The one you'd like the world to see. In the subject line – be sure to write ‘Daily Practice’ so that I’ll know that it’s you.


Jamie said...

What a fantastic idea! With a stretch of downtime coming to me next month, I'm exciting to hear about habits and practices of others since I'm looking to add a few good practices to my life.

ELK said...

you have me thinking as always the challenge..and you and your photo!!

kelly@thebluemuse said...

Right now my daily practices are allover the place...this will be a great way to try to get myself back into a routine.

Carola Bartz said...

This is brilliant! And exactly at a time when I want to establish a daily practice - although I suspect I already do the elements that belong to it. Wonderful idea, Marcie, thank you!

Monica said...

i think this is my first time here, so not sure what the vive is. :)

but i adore that photo and am enjoying your posts. will keep on looking around.

dbalyoz said...

ahhh...a daily practice? I am forever aspiring to one. i try to get on the mat each day, but sometimes its every other and sometimes just in my mind. sometimes its just one down dog....and sometimes just a breath.

samos said...

beautiful photo! as for a daily practice...i think i'll take the challenge and shoot some photos within the next few weeks. I would love to wake up and do yoga right away, but it's those certain responsibilities that keep me from doing what I would like to do first thing in the morning. hopefully your challenge will help me change my routine! =)
thanks for stopping by today! have a wonderful night marcie

kristal said...

Each morning, I make my coffee first. Some days, I grab my notebook and start writing. Some days, I go outside and listen to the birds and watch the sun come up. Some days, I meditate. But the one thing I do EVERY SINGLE DAY is enjoy my coffee.

Kate said...

I would love to try this challenge... thank you!