Aug 18, 2010

what is the world trying to tell you & are you listening?

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Yesterday, I took a walk with a friend who lost her baby a few days before he was due. Later in the day, another friend called from Iraq to say he’d been in a terrible hotel fire and lost eight close friends. Then, in the evening, another friend called to tell me she had cancer.

This was what my world gave me yesterday. This was what their world gave them. I don’t have words to describe how much my heart goes out to them. I’m not sure what you say when worlds change because a heart stops beating, a fire is sparked or a diagnosis is made.

I have to wonder what the world was trying to tell me yesterday. Have I not been hearing something? Is it random? Is it just life? Am I listening closely enough?

At first, my heart heard this message.

• Life is short, sometimes too short.
• Life is fragile.
• Life can be hard, even cruel.
• Life can be frightening.

And then, my heart opened and listened more closely and I heard a new one.

• Life is beautiful.
• Life is worth embracing to the fullest.
• Life is about love.
• Life is best shared.

I am grateful I was able to be there for my friends. Yesterday, the world was not telling me about tragedy or pity – it was telling me about friendship and love. It was asking me to listen to the myriad ways that friendships permeate my soul, give my life purpose, and have deepened with time. The world was drawing my attention to what we share together – this planet, this life, this universe.

To my friends, I hope love embraces you, joy and serenity fill your heart, laughter returns.
What is your world trying to tell you today and are you listening?

guest contribution: Katie Tallo ~ visit her blog, Momentum Gathering for oodles of inspiration...  thank you Katie...




wow lovely post - thank you for sharing and guiding me into this moment of thoughts on my own life. Beautiful ♥

Katie said...

Thank you Kim for allowing my words into your lovely and inspirational space. It's very cool to be here.

Thank you Ivyallover, for the very sweet comment.

Dyche Designs said...

Much love to you and your friends. It's not always easy to see the good in amongst all the grief.

Monica de Moss said...

You have an amazing capacity for life and for seeing the "bigger picture". So many would have stopped at the first message, but you were able to listen closer. Your friends are very fortunate to have you in their lives. You will be there when they need someone in which to confide and share their joys and their sorrows.
Thank you for sharing your day and your love.

Jamie said...

What a beautiful reminder of the importance of perspective.

Suki said...

beautiful inspirational thoughts. I think I will listen closely today.

kelly@thebluemuse said...

It is so beautiful when you can find these messages hidden within the pain and the grief and the loss. I try very hard to listen, everyday.
Lovely post.