Aug 19, 2010

10 Songs for 'Lighter' Travel

So happy to be back with everyone here at Inspiration Studio.  I had so much fun during Stay-cation and I couldn't be more thrilled that we are all going to continue inspiring each other.  I had a little something planned to kick things off this week, but as it so often does, life took me down a different path for this post.

Flying back to work.
Got to the airport on time.
Had a gate change.
Switched terminals.
Discovered my flight was delayed.
Missed connection.
Was rebooked.  
Switched terminals, again.  
Boarded the flight. 
Pulled out a magazine.
The dreaded intercom.
Mechanical issues.
No quick fix coming.
Captain says time to unload.
Collected my stuff.
Exited the plane.
Another missed connection.
Stood in line.
Rebooked again, for tomorrow.
Taxi home.
Bag unpacked.
Take two tomorrow.

With a bit of dread in my heart about doing it all over again, I decided I needed a little something to keep me going tomorrow, a reminder of why it is I love to travel.  So I put together a playlist of my favorite travel songs, a list guaranteed to keep me smiling even when they make me take my shoes off to go through security.

Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol
Free Fallin' - Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
Goodnight and Go - Imogen Heap
Laredo - Band of Horses
Learn to Fly - Foo Fighters
Many the Miles - Sarah Bareilles
Meet Me on the Equinox - Death Cab for Cutie
Sand in my Shoes - Dido
Skyline - Court Yard Hounds
Walk On - U2

In my opinion, the right music can make something as painful as air travel a little more bearable, you can block out the rest of the world, and relax as you listen along.

Now it's your turn.  What are some of your favorite travel songs?  Which songs or artists do you put on to help you get through the longest road trips?  How do you music to help you survive the challenges you face at the airport these days?


Jamie Shaw


blue elephant photography said...

I actually like all theb ands that you have listed there! I have them all in my iPod =)

blue elephant photography said...

Ooops I submitted too quick sorry. When I travel I listen to songs by Tegan and Sara, The Weepies, The Fray, Coldplay, and my husband's homemade CD of Indie Punk songs =)

gibknitty said...

a great list of songs! i like to listen to r.e.m. when traveling, especially the song "driver 8".

Jennifer said...

"Free Fallin" is great. I also really like Death Cab for Cutie. Have you heard of Nickle Creek? I really like their music too. Happy travels.

Kim Klassen said...

jamie, you have an incredible gift....i'm off to listen to some of your inspiration!! thank you!!

xxo, kim

Suki said...

Lately I listen to Joss Stone on long road trips. Love her voice.

Prairie Girl Studio said...

i LOVE music and am so completely amazed at how many tunes are out there to move and groove to ...
and i LOVE being introduced to new music ...
and this summer i was thrilled to catch BRANDI CARLILE at a folk fest ~ highly recommend listening to her or trying to catch her live ~ real spirited! ....

for me and driving tunes?
pretty much anything classic rock or classical ... mmm of course with a twist of blues and folk ... : )

i just returned from a train trip and i was saying to my friend that i didn't plug in once ~ i was content with the sound of the train and the chatter and laughter ... it was wonderful!

thanks so much jamie for sharing these and introducing me to more fab music!



wow thanks for the music list! Sadly I sometimes "forget" to turn on my music while I"m working isn't that terrible? Jeez there used to be a time when I could only work with music on..what's happened to me? Anyway, been back to my music for a few days now and oh sooo happy :)

Carola Bartz said...

I love New Age and Native American music. John Huling. Ahneemah. Peter Kater. R. Carlos Nakai. David & Steve Gordon.