Aug 29, 2010

It's going to be a wonderful time

A few days ago an email dropped into my inbox coming from Kim, requesting me to be
here to share the beauty of inspiration.
I was thrilled and agreed.
I just love sharing. Some may already knew that. Right as I confirmed to request to be able to write on this blog, my picked up a little speed. This will be a beautiful adventure with all of you.

I feel so blessed to be here today. Those images in the mosaic above were randomly selected from my all time favourites I found on flickr.
I am inspired by light in all it's glory. Sunsets,  rainy days and beautiful every day light. And of course all the amazing photography people on flickr.
Creating a good photography is looking and hunting for light. I just love to do that,
cause you know, you might find something you wouldn't expect to find in just that place.
That's why I love photography. It gives me the ability to discouver and capture magic in it's own definitions.
Create magic for yourself today.

Thanks again to the amazing Kim for having me over.



Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Hello Suki,
I am so glad that you are here...your photographs are stunning...I am trying to pick a favorite but I truly love them all! Thank you for sharing your magic with us! :) Laura

Jamie said...

What a beautiful set of photos - full of light, peace and inspriation

Prairie Girl Studio said...

mmmm, yes ...
all so beautiful, suki!
delighted you are here sharing your inspiration!

Marcie said...

Oh Suki...I just love this collection of images. Yes - I agree - it's all about seeking out the light!!! Am looking forward to 'getting to know you' here!!!

Kim Klassen said...

hi Suki

oh my gosh, i love all the images you have shared here!! really so beautiful.... thank you for joining us. your light shines right thru you beautiful postings and comments... much like these images you have showcased....

xxo kim

kelly@thebluemuse said...

It IS going to be a wonderful time, isn't it? This place is shaping into a beautiful space filled with love, friendship and inspiration. So glad you are here to join us.