Aug 30, 2010

one . day . simply

I am ELK . blogger of very few words . influenced by art and life
torn papers . frayed fabric . cast aside pieces . call to me
inspiration takes form on a 3 inch by 3 inch paper


a snip of an ivory doily found languishing upon a thrift store shelf
becomes a part of this piece yet any medium works together
photos . paint . magazines . wood . wire . nature . words


3 x 3 collage can be a gentle escape for a busy life . it takes little time
with no strict rules . small enough not to overwhelm you or your space


grateful thanks to Kim for the chance to share this art form here each month
I encourage you to try this . leaving a link below
so that we can be inspired together . one square at a time
blessings . ELK


Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Oh my goodness! I took an experimental e-course earlier this summer and completed my first collage...I loved the process and the outcome...but it was big and took lots of time and space. This, is a wonderful idea and I am so excited to try...thank you ELK!
:) Laura
P.S. You have no idea how many bits and bobs and torn and worn and frayed and loved and just plain old elements I have stashed...just waiting! :)

Dyche Designs said...

Great work, love the scale. Surprisingly I find working on smaller pieces harder than larger ones.

Marcie said...

Such inspiration. What a great idea.. this 3x3!! Love the end result!!!

~Kristina said...

The 3x3 is beautiful. So often I forget that creating small is just as important as creating big. Thanks for the pull back to the basics.

kt said...

elk i loved seeing your work and i am so happy it took me to this blog a double treat today!

Suki said...

So beautiful elk. Love all of this!

kelly@thebluemuse said...

"blogger of very few words..."
yes, and you always amaze me with how much meaning you convey in those few words. and in the same way, on a 3x3 inch square, your creations speak volumes. a lovely post, a great idea.

Jill said...

I hope I can put one together--3"x3" sounds doable indeed. Is there a link to your blog?

Anonymous said...

your work is so delicate and so beautiful - lovely! :)

Sunmallia said...

Very cool Elk, never tried a collage.

ELK said...

i hope you will try one Laura . Jill . Sunmallia

Diane said...

lovely work ELK.

Flo said...

It's really great the mix of wool, drawing... I'm looking for my words... Sorry with my small english...