Aug 5, 2010

flickr feature ~ Hilde ..... so inpiring

i wanted to share Hilde's amazing photography with you all.  if you are a flickr nut like.....
hilde may already be one of your contacts....

It was one of Hilde's images that made me fall head over heals in LOVE with textures!
I saw one of her HBM (bench monday) pics and nearly flipped.
i was completely drawn to her amazing images.

Take a few minutes to go thru Hilde's stream.  it's truly mind blowing!

i'm such a fan!! 

thank you Hilde for all you do.... your inspiration is really so AMAZING.

xxo, kim

hilde's stream -

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Jamie said...

What an amazing find! Can't wait to go through all of Hilde's work - so inspiring.