Aug 2, 2010

can you say BURST?

thank you hilde
for letting me share your groovy 'peace out' image......

happy monday stay-cation friends.

it's finally here. 
oh my gosh, i feel like i've been building up to this for months. 
i really really want you to find lots of fun and inspiration here this week....

i do have some amazing guests popping in..... they will not disappoint. 
so it's all GOOD. :)

okay so here's how it's going to work.......
i will be posting throughout the week. just here and there each day.
i will be sharing my own thoughts and well as some amazing guest postings. 
i'm so excited to get started.

if you are on the official 'staycation peep list' you will receive emails throughout the week as well.

i really, really encourage you to get involved. 
please take time to comment and visit the links etc.
there will loads of challenges, and a widget to share your link to your work at the bottom of the challenge posts. 
here's an example of a challenge post with the in linkz widget.

so for example we put out a challenge to share your image from a the bottom of the post there will be a linky widget.
you can post your image on your blog, facebook page or flickr site and then come on back here and add the link to the bottom of that particular post.  pretty simple ...right?  then after you add a link, please take a minute to follow the other shared links and make a comment, say 'hi', say 'you ROCK'......that kind of stuff.

this week is about joining together a community... lifting each other up.... 
it's about DREAMING, CREATING..... and all around inspired living.

so are you ready?

let's begin.

xxo, kim

if you are just getting here... make it official... joing the peep list HERE.

thanks for being a part of this...i'm truly honored to share this week with you.


Christy said...


Anji Johnston said...

So looking forward to this. Wish I didn't have to go to work though!

Anonymous said...

I agree, I wish I had the week off to enjoy more time with this. Thanks Kim for all your hard work, that you put into this! You are a doll :-)

Lorraine said...

wow!! what a positive way to start my monday!! love the ding dong ditch idea!!

Leah C said...'s the day:) Looking forward to a great "stay-cation"!

Divas and dreams photography blog said...

It´s going to be some ride girl :-)Can´t wait...yay!!!!

Suki said...

I think this will be a very inspiring time I have here.
Thanks for putting this all together. You rock!

angelandspot said...

You have so inspired me already. I am in love with your works, Kim. Thanks for sharing the fab free textures with us each week. Hilde, that is an amazing photo. I've been really busy today but hopefully I will have more time later this week to be inspired and creative.

Robin said...

I thought I commented this morning! I must have gotten too excited about tweeting the news and it slipped my mind!
Thrilled to be a part of the very first IS! I know there are going to be more and I can say I did the first one!!!

Tammy Lee Bradley said...

YeeHaw. Happy to be here with a few of my fellow Muses. :) You are awesomeness personified Ms. Kim!

Jamie said...

Can't wait!

Shelle said...

very excited to be joining in....and thanks for your generosity. my internet connection is really slow & crappy, so don't forget me if i'm lagging :)

ELK said...

hi there..this will be fun and your photos are divine !!

Connie Lou said...

okay, i am showing up late....just like we always do in Hawaii..ha! but i am in love already, thank you, thank you!

Cindy said...

I"m a bit late to the party, because I've been sick all week. I'm eager to get caught up. Looking forward to the rest of this week!