Aug 14, 2010

10 Tips For Better Blogging

close your eyes...

lovely image by Hilde

Just popping in to share a few blogging tips i have discovered along the way.
  1. write a good headline ~ man i need help with this. short to the point headlines are invaluable.
  2. have a conversation with your readers. write like you are talking to them in person. skip the big words, use a little slang even, keep it short ...don't go on and on.
  3. write in point form..use short paragraphs. everyone is so busy.  keep it short & sweet.
  4. make it easy on the eyes. a big block of text is likely to make people move on without reading your post... no matter how valuable that post may be.  add some interest to the page, using images, bold type for emphasis, bullets...etc.
  5. read your post out loud and ask yourself... does this sound like me? be yourself.
  6. write a good list post.  there's a reason why list posts are everywhere. people LOVE a good list!  don't over do the list thing...but definintely do it now and then.
  7. respond to comments people leave. hanging my head in shame....i have been a terrible commenter lately. please forgive me. here's the thing though...if i comment in my comments, does anyone actually read it. i don't think many do. so the other option is to send an email response or visit the commenter's blog and say hi. i try to do that, but lately.... aaaaaaaaack...i kinda suck at it. note to self...smarten up.
  8. having trouble finding your groove? just keep groovin... it gets me
  9. solve a problem in your post. people love a post that offers a solution.
  10. share what you love. it's hard to fake passion. 

 i'd love to hear your blogging tips.... feel free to share them in the comments.  have a blogging question, share that too.  i want the studio to be a place to ask & share, give & receive.... good stuff like that.

happiest weekend.....  xxo, kim


Ashley Sisk said...

These are all great tips - I just try to be me. People know when you're faking so it's just easier to be yourself and have fun!

Suki said...

Thank you for those great tips.
I always try to give a comment back.

Kim Klassen said...

i agree, you gotta be real.... :) thanks for stopping by the studio....

yeah, totally a good idea to leave a comment back. i guess i struggle with the finding time... i love visiting everyone's blogs though. :)

mrs mediocrity said...

That photo is gorgeous!

I agree with everything you said Kim, and I have wondered about commenting on comments myself, do people come back to read them? I try to respond in some way to people who comment, either by visiting their place or by email, but it is hard to find time some days.
We do the best we LOVING this wonderful place to visit!

Kendra said...

These are some great tips!
I need help with my headlines too! I never think they're interesting enough lol
I love to involve my readers, ask their opinion and input and always respond to comments :)

My tip is to LOVE it. If you don't love what your blog is about, what your blogging about/the goal of your will never go far and your readers will be able to tell.

Gilding Lilies said...

Great suggestions, I think I need to make a list (as you suggested).

Karen said...

Thanks for the useful blogging tips. I'm always wondering if what I want to talk about will be of interest to anyone else. So when someone leaves a comment, it is confirmation that there are others out there with the same interests and I love that! I'm trying to be better about leaving comments on blogs that I frequent as I'm sure it is appreciated as much as I appreciate a kind word. I think links are an amazing blogging tool. To read a bloggers story, then click on a word or picture that takes you directly to what the writer is describing is incredible!

Jamie said...

I needed this set of reminders! I've found myself falling into some bad habits lately.

Kristine Norina said...

thanks for the reminders!

ELK said...

i am so happy to be here to read your super list!

...i rarely answer comments within the comments BUT always visit the blog and usually leave a comment..

when i began my blog about 2 years ago I always wanted it to be with few I am not a writer and i like a simple space mostly mine are photos..its a fun hobby!

LOVE your new blog here and will happily include the button on my links page...blessings kim!!

smith kaich jones said...

Love this. Lately I have noticed more & more people closing comments, saying it affects their writing, reasoning that the input from others colors their view. I get that, I understand, but I have just begun to make an effort to answer all comments, after a busy busy few months of not being able to do so. I like it. Can't do it all the time, but I choose a post and answer all comments there - and email some folks on other posts.

and when i doubt, i post a list. :)


Gretchen said...

I love this inspiration post Kim about blogging. There were several things that grabbed me, and I know will make me a better blogger/communicator to my friends that we call followers. Thank you for your sharing soul.