Jul 3, 2010

getting started

hey there my inspired friend....

thank you for being here.  are you pumped?  are you ready? 
i'm soo excited about the possiblities of inspiration stay-cation.

i do believe the future has some great plans for this idea.

how do you like our stay-cation home?
i created the background and header from my 'layered' / gratidude texture.
i also designed a new button based on our new digs.  please feel free to grab it
the more the merrier. 
it's over there.. on the left. :)

thank you for being here.  truly thrilled to have you.
just getting started?
check out the links across the top for a few details and some inspiration.

do you live an inspired life?  would you care to share ?
please drop me a line and let me know what you may have to offer.
i'd love to hear from you.

are you on the official stay-cation list?
click HERE to sign up.

and over on the left you can click to follow this site thru google connect as well.

lots to come..  loads of fun...  talk soon, kim


Gigi said...

This looks amazing, Kim! I'm so looking forward to the stay-cation! You're the best. xoxo Gigi

Tammy Lee Bradley said...

YAY! All signed up, Facebooked, tweeted, and flickred . You rock!! Can't wait.

Mary said...

Absolutely mesmerized by your photography! Signed up.

Kim Klassen said...

thanks bunches ladies....

so excited...xxo, kim

Tracy said...

So excited to be a part of your inspiration!! Love you site!
Tracy in AR

Lorraine said...

very exciting to be part of this. kind of reminds me of those days before summer camp....:)

Maureen @ Cottage 960 said...

soo excited! just can't wait, Kim you rock!

Sue said...

Really looking forward to this! Love the new button and the gratitude texture.

Beverly said...

love the new site Kim! everything is so beautiful! so excited to start.

Emmcee .... Marie C said...

Your blog looks fabulous - looking forward to the fun!!

Postcards from Wildwood said...

Hello Kim,
I only discovered your blog last week and love your photographic artwork. I'm really looking forward to inspiration stay-cation. Thank you so much for sharing it all with us.

Anonymous said...

Found you this afternoon, just in time for the week ahead.
Thank you!