Jun 4, 2011


I am a huge lover of white. I grew to be one, to be honest.
I never liked it much while grewing up, white things just got too dirty. I had to take special care of them. I didn't like that very much. While furnishing my appartement I find white colours soothing. They appeal to me very much. As much as I like whites, I like blacks too. They give contrast, make the space not too lonesome.
The mix as in a black & white photograph can make so much difference than to colour. Playing with shades on someone's face can appeal a dramatic effect, or a romantic soothing one.
This weeks pick was inspired by flowers, because everyone who knows me, knows I have a huge love with them.

inspiration studio.

1. beautiful moments, 2. ~The Beauty of You~, 3. Poppy in White (148/365), 4. The last Lilac


Cheryl Crotty said...

Thank you for including my photo in your group of 4. It is the first time one of mine has been picked and I'm very excited.
White is so lovely and all of the work here is so inspiring.

Anna said...

Suki, so gorgeous and perfect for June!!!!

kelly@thebluemuse said...

Beautiful, I have the same love of flowers...great picks here!