Jun 9, 2011

Life's Soundtrack: White the Music

Photo by R Joanne

When I posted last week's theme - I imagined we'd have a playlist that looked a bit like the gorgeous white photos filling our Flickr Group - all soft, mellow and dreamy.  Imagine my surprise when I discovered a playlist that is much more diverse - there are some songs in this one that will make you want to get up and MOVE!  

There are also a ton of songs in this list that are new to me - so I'm hoping you'll also discover something fun and new as well.  On to the music:

To listen to the playlist, click on the sideways triangle in the middle of the embedded player.  To skip to a song or go back, click on the < or > on either side of the triangle.

Note:  I put the playlist together on Monday evening because I'm traveling both Tuesday and Wednesday, I'll add the songs that were suggested as soon as I get on solid ground again and have an internet connection, please forgive me if your song takes a day or so to go up.  

Happy Listening!


Karen said...

Listened to this great mix this afternoon. Some of them took me back a very long way!

~Kristina said...

What a diverse playlist. I love that Bing Crosby is tucked in.

Anna said...

Thanks Jamie! I will listen to this when I next work on photos:)

kelly@thebluemuse said...

Great job as always... should we call this "white noise?" :)