May 30, 2011

Inspiration and Dreams: Redesign

I don’t know about you, but when I do something, I try to do it right the first time. I probably spend more time than I should worrying about ‘getting it right.’ And I know that, as a result, my projects take me twice as long.

However, despite the trying, I find myself going back for a do-over more often than not. But is this bad? Or is this the way it should be? Are things actually better the third time around? Is the REDESIGN an essential part of the journey?

I suppose there are plenty of examples that makeovers are the way to go. Mother Nature indulges four times a year (or so...depending on your location!). Plenty of people make a living providing them to the faces, kitchens, wardrobes, gardens (you get the idea...) of the rest of us . Even a lowly bolognese sauce tastes supremely better after a night in the fridge, and a second warming on the stove.

After only four months, I find myself overhauling my blog/website. My concept has grown, as have my goals and my direction. Despite all the initial angst and effort, it’s time for a change. Perhaps next time, I can avoid the worry, count on the makeover, and spend more time picking daisies.

How about you?


alicia said...

I think evolution is a normal part of life. Our blogs are an extension of ourselves. And as we evolve so do our blogs. And I think that's a good thing. But your place is always lovely regardless.

Anna said...

I can so relate to the desire to "get it right" the first time! As you point out, invariably everything gets redone, and generally, for the better. Guess I should try to remember that!!!???
Love, love, the second shot! Great DOF, composition, and captured joy of summer.

Marcie said...

I think re-designing and re-creating is all a part of the process of learning and growing and finding out who we are. Beautiful images!!

missing moments said...

Totally know what you mean. Even with my own blog after 5 months (and spent several months just in it's initial planning!!) I have been slowly changing it up.
Moving ever so closer to what, I'm not sure ... something better, perfect? I guess I like to think I'm continually evolving, growing.
As all of us are.

Joyelle @ An Artful Endeavor said...

I am continually re-designing my blog visuals and format as I get a better idea of what I want to communicate and who I am as an artist/photographer. I think it's a sign of growth, and just part of the process.

One said...

Love your photos! I usually find myself taking too much time in anything that I do. Sigh! But I guess what's more important is that we enjoy what we do, whether it is attempting to do it right the first time or attempting to undo and redoing... :)

Valeria said...

We all have this hunger for changes, re-design... I am very need to blog, just started in January and since then I have changed my blog 3 times. I am still not satisfied with some points, so still open for changes.
Life is about changing.
I absolute adore your second picture.

kelly@thebluemuse said...

I think you learn as you go and there is nothing wrong with revising as you move along!
We're always changing, everyday, learning, growing, expanding...sometimes our lives just have to catch up with us!