Apr 3, 2011

Sunday Shops

remember to fill each day with art . food. memories . flowers


~ to visit a shop click on photo or link ~

Daily Colours

hope to see see you here next week


[Red or Gray Art]


Anna said...

Elk, I love your recommendation for living and the beautiful collection that you've presented today! You always give us such a tasteful, talented group of artists to look at. I'm looking forward to checking out their shops!

deb colarossi said...

oh, this is my most favourite list of yours so far..

Jamie said...

You always find the perfect stores and items to feature!

Chantal said...

the last photo gets to me, love it

Kim Klassen said...

screeching over to the camera shop!! and each share is fabulous...as always...
xxo.... kim

ELK said...

I so enjoy the putting together of the shops ..goodness they are so inspiring to me and I appreciate you stopping by to leave comments .. Each has so many lovelies i have a challenge to pick only one from each shop!!

looking forward to sharing the "every day gifts" Sunday Shop style next week!!