Apr 16, 2011

someone waiting for you.

cup of spring

True gifts are the ones we always expect to be there, like being loved unconditionally. 
Helped when needed, led by a hand of a friend while struggling to find the right direction.
True gifts are small. 
It is the gentle whisper of "I believe in you" when you most need it.
But they can be big too as in "You'll rock this!".
Yet as we walk along in this thing called life, we might not have this strong friend by our side.
Who helps us find hope when we cry. 

There is that friend, who deeply believes in you.
Take that friend out for a cup of tea or coffee today.
Thanking this friend for support, kindness and friendship.


Kerri said...

Wonderful post!

Kim Klassen said...

oh my gosh.... i love the image...and the words.... wonderful.... thank you sweet Suki....

One Woman's Thoughts said...

You talked to my heart today and it was beautiful.

Beverly said...

beautiful words! thank you for posting my photo xo

Jamie said...

This is absolutely amazingly beautiful, just the reminder I needed today.

alicia said...

Love this.

Anna said...

Suki, a perfect post - gentle reminder and soft colors are the perfect pairing!