Apr 6, 2011

The Gift Within

It didn't arrive in any sort of box - neatly wrapped and tied with a bow. It didn't show up - as a surprise - on my doorstep. It wasn't the kind of thing that has any weight or shape or form..or any sort of tangible and material presence. The gift - I found today - came from somewhere within.
There- on my mat..in the midst of my daily practice - it found me. With everything changing - the weather..the seasons..the everyday comings and goings and life's ebbs and tides - things have felt just a little uncertain. That the world around me was shifting..and that I'd lost my footing on that solid ground. Wildly - I've been seeking and searching for answers around me. Grasping and holding too tight - looking for the comfort and promise and reassurance that all is going to be perfectly fine and alright.
Just breathe.
I'm the same person today as I was yesterday..and will be tomorrow and the day after that. Change is inevitable and beyond any of our control. The only thing we can do is choose - how it is we respond..how it is we react. Feel it. Let it in. Love it or hate it..but always - embrace it.
A quiet stillness came upon me. A momentary sense that I'd found that ground that I'd been seeking..and that - just maybe - it had always been there. Somewhere within.
With palms pressed. With gaze focused and centered. I knew. The everday gifts we crave - of peace..of quiet..of centeredness and creativity - are oven hidden from outward view.
Always - somewhere within.


Dyche Designs said...

Such a heartfelt beautiful post.

kelly@thebluemuse said...

Yes, hidden, but there. I have been feeling much the same lately, thank you for the reminder that the answers are there, and that the choices are not outside of me, but within me.

Sandy said...

My heart resonates with your beautiful words on the page! So true! Thank you! Just discovered this beautiful blog a couple days ago and it's just what my soul needs. Thanks to all of your for sharing your insights, your words and art!

Jamie said...

What a beautiful post - I hope it brings that moment of peace to all who read it.

Anna said...

Thanks Marcie for a beautiful post! We certainly do look outside ourselves, when the answers are often within our grasp and oh, so close. Love your photo capture, as it pairs so well with your text - it definitely has that glimpsing inward feel!

Kim Klassen said...

beautiful... and so true.... soooo soo true...

thank you for this... so much.

xxo, kim

Prairie Girl Studio said...

is there someone close by
who could hug you for me?

love and admiration,

beachscooter said...

this is so wonderful!! and timely for things i am experiencing. thank you!