Apr 20, 2011

Gift of Silence

Nothing but the crunch of the pine needles beneath my feet. My heart beating. My steady breath.


All of my senses fully engaged - awake and alive and aware. I see the light. I hear the birds. I taste the cool that is still damp. I feel the solid earth. I smell spring's sweet fragrance.

My thoughts flow. One to the other. Seemingly unconnected..but intrinsically linked. Ideas come..and they go. Questions - old and new - appear..and then float away. Problems - seeking resolution..are simply that.

Whatever it is will wait. No question needs answering in this moment. No problems need be solved.

The silence is not really silent at all. There is a fullness in it..a wholeness. Within is a sense of completion..that there is nothing more that's needed..that this is all that there really is.


One of life's gifts.


Dyche Designs said...

I love those moments, you describe it so beautifully.

amyd said...

oh so true - thank you for your insight

windrock studio said...

Hey Marcie, I've been able to recognize your gorgeous photos for quite some time, and now I can do the same with your writing. Your beautiful, heart felt words are so you, wherever you choose to share them.

Jamie said...

Beautiful! Silence is one of life's greatest gifts.

Anna said...

A perfect description of the silence that fills our senses while out in nature! Love the composition and value arrangement of your image, too!

kelly@thebluemuse said...

Yes, that is so very true. And these days there never seems to be enough of it.

A Box of Chocolates said...

i always loved my early morning walks, when the rest of the world was still sleeping and i was the only one alive at that moment,(or so it seemed) the stillness and the absolute peace of it was wonderful.
i love your photo such a great shot

Julee said...

You have put the beauty of silence into words and I am grateful! Silence is an important part of life and I've always appreciated it, but could never explain why. Thank you!