Apr 30, 2011

the essence of nature is a gift.


Gifts of nature are often overlooked. Many times we run through life,
making changes in the before mentioned.
Not noticing how the gifts of nature pass us by.
The morning light waking us up, peeking through the curtain.
The pinkish roses near your windowsill.
This all, the gift of nature and so many more could make your day.
Be present and choose to be.

Exploring Rim Light 1


Anna said...

Nature's large and small gifts are indeed a sweet blessing! Thanks Suki.

ELK said...

such a contrast of beauty .. both divine!!

Chantal said...

both photos are amazingly nice

dbalyoz said...

with or without color...both striking images. :)

Prairie Girl Studio said...

yes, choose to be ...

love your words and the images you 'chose' to reinforce a most thought provoking message ...

thanks so much, sweet suki!