Mar 6, 2011


Friendship is one essential thing I might say. It is important to have someone to bring a cup while you make tea, to pat you on the back when you feel sad. Someone who walks all the way behind you, even when you say you want to be left alone. A friend is always there.
A connection is more than a physical togetherness. It might be companionship, affection or awe for each other. It might be laughter, a hobby or just a sense of being that connects and forms your friendship.
I'd love to spread the awareness of how important friendships are today. Reflect on the connections you have and how you valued them lately. I know I haven't valued the people enough which I care most about. Every day this week I made some of my friends feel special. I have treated them to shopping trips and have been treated to a night out at the bar in return. These activities brought us closer.
The feeling of being together, of sharing a passion is one important thing for me. The feeling of being valued for the person I am.

1. silhouette moment, 2. Untitled, 3. Sinking Friendships, 4. The Sun's Gonna Shine, 5. Untitled, 6. sisters,
7. The morning they met the clouds, 8. A Magical Friendship (Explored #10), 9. Untitled



windrock studio said...

Absolutely lovely, each and every one
... some beautiful friends and some
beautiful words.

Anna said...

Great post and photos, Suki! I totally agree, friends enrich our lives so much. Your friends are lucky to have you!

kelly@thebluemuse said...

It's true, friendship is so important, the connections me make in life are what keep us going. Lovely photos and words.

blue elephant photography said...

beautiful words and lovely photos!

Lori said...

Your collections always make me swoon! I love the meaning behind this- true friends are one of life's greatest blessings.