Feb 1, 2011

Winter’s Rhythm

Each season has its own feel and rhythm.  Winter embraces silence, stillness, and contemplation.  It is the bare bones season – nature’s version of de-cluttering.  Details are shrouded in a blanket of white while against the sky; branch patterns display the architecture of the season.
Winter reminds me of haiku, where each element is carefully chosen and perfectly succinct.  Please curl up in a cozy corner with a hot drink and enjoy some winter haiku.  These poems were selected from Haiku, Vol. IV, translated by R.H. Blyth, plus I’ve included a couple of my own.
There is neither heaven nor earth,
Only snow
Falling incessantly.    - Hashin
Many unbrellas
Are passing by,
This eve of snow.    – Hokushi
Under the winter moon,
The river wind
Sharpens the rocks.    – Chora
Blue shadows,
Dancing out 
Across the frozen lake.    – AV
Filigree frost web,
Gently entangling
The winter window.    – AV
In the wintry grove,
Of long, long, ago.    – Issa
What aspect of the beauty of winter do you admire?
Wishing you peaceful winter days,


Tanya said...

What a simple yet beautiful photo. I like how the lone tree peeks over the hill, resting in the middle of winter's solace. It would be neat if you got the same shot in the middle of a green summer, tree in full bloom. Love the Haiku. Describes our winters so well!

Jem said...

For me the beauty of winter - beyond snow falling overnight and turning all into a white, glittering wonderland - is the tattoo of freshness the cold air leaves on my lungs. This winter in the UK has been one of our coldest on record but I have loved the crisp mornings!

Such a beautiful image of the lone tree!

Jem xXx

Jamie said...

"nature's version of decluttering"

I love that line!

Teresa O said...

Splendidly written, Anna. The haiku creates such visions. I'm a winter person and even on a night like this when the wind howls and the snow flies, I find enchantment in nature.

deb colarossi said...

words and photo
and the way it transported me.

I think that winter does that ... there is something about the light , the weight of the sky, it's all beautiful.

mrs mediocrity said...

I love your photo. I am struggling to love winter this year, which is unusual for me. But even so, I appreciate its beauty. And I love the fire inside, with a great book. I love the time for contemplation.

~Kristina said...

The hoar frost that licks prairie trees grips my heart and slows me just enough to remind me of the rhythm of this season.
Winter itself also reminds me of the need to hibernate, internalize, reflect and rest before Spring begins to break free.
Excellent thought provoking post.

Laura said...

Lovely post, lovely image. The haiku poems were just perfect!

Lee said...

Thanks Anna. It brings warmth to the heart of a winter hater. Although, I love to see the trees sparkling in the early morning sun before the snow and ice melt off of them. Even if, like me, you don't embrace winter, you can't help but absorb the beaty it gives. Thanks for sharing this.

ELK said...

anna . a stunning photo . the simplicity of the season . always

Prairie Girl Studio said...

a glorious post, anna!
your image is stunning ...
i love the blanket of white
that covers and sparkles and insulates ...
clean and crisp reflecting the heavens above.
i find it miraculous that in the bleakness
of it all, life hibernates in the most slender branch ...
and yes, oh so peaceful ...

thank you for sharing ...

Anonymous said...

The winter scene photo is wonderful, Anna! And, I love haiku. Thank you for sharing!