Feb 16, 2011

Is this weird?

bring love with you where ever you go

I worked in my studio all day today.  I am doing a project called A Hundred Thank-Yous where I am making 100 paintings for 100 people who I am very grateful for.  I am making nearly a painting a day.  And I am putting so much love into it.  And gratitude.  And more LOVE.

All this love is making me emotional.  (It is not pms, I swear.  At least not today.)

While painting, I listened to a CD that a yoga teacher friend gave to me by Snatam Kaur.  I had never really listened to it before today.

She has a song called People of Love.  

"We are the people, 
the people of love.  
Let us people, love today." 

Honestly, I can barely write about her music without tearing up.  I'm sure you have to hear her voice to get the depth of beauty and sweetness in this song.  I called my friend to tell her about how I kept crying every time I heard this song and I started to get choked up just leaving the message.  I mean, my heart is on my sleeve, people.

Now I am definitely a sensitive-artist-type for sure.  It doesn't take a lot to bring out real, heartfelt emotion from me.  But I have noticed that since I have been doing this project, it is like my heart will burst open. 

I am learning the simple truth; that focusing on love and gratitude brings about 
more love and gratitude. 

And that really is sweet.


Laura said...

What an amazing undertaking. I'm sure each of those 100 recipients will feel all the love you put into the paintings. Thanks for sharing the music; She has a beautiful voice and it seems like perfect music to create to.

...Darlene said...

I LOVE the colors and everything about this piece. My focus today was to be on loving others. Dealing with all I come in contact with with love, not an easy task for me at times.

Suki said...

Beautifully written, lori!

Dyche Designs said...

Love that piece, especially the way the woman is kicking her leg up in the air.

the new girl said...

Your heart is on your paint brush.

And also, the little tissue paper squares.

I love you so much.

Anna said...

I enjoy the vivid colors that you use in your art! Sounds like a great project and big undertaking.

kelly@thebluemuse said...

So sweet, and not weird at all. Clearly it is a project near and dear to your heart, which may very well be on your sleeve, but whoever said that was a bad thing?

Jamie said...

What an amazing project - I can't wait to hear more about it.

freebird said...

I love the picture in all it's wondreful color!

This is the second blog today that says love can be found if you are especting to see it. Must be more than a simple valentine coincidence. Hope you keep finding the love close to the surface even if it does seem hard to handle.

deb colarossi said...

Talk about inspiring ... wow.
I'll listen to the song.
It send out sparks and ripples, yes.

Lori said...

Thank you for all of your sweet comments :)

Chantal said...

What a wise conclusion:
focusing on love and gratitude brings about
more love and gratitude.

ELK said...

lori .. you are amazing and i am captivated by your project..what size are the photos?

One Woman's Thoughts said...

What a lovely project! To give so much of yourself and with such emotion, I know that all your gifts of love will be cherished.

I am smiling, you have given me a give as well. Thank you.

Lori said...

Thank you :) Elk, the paintings are all 8x10. Big enough, but not too big!


Oh Lori - wow what a wonderful project and a big project too! I Look forward to seeing more :) I love your painting above how fun and whimsical. Your colors always make me smile. Thank you for a lovely post and for sharing the song - I shall go look it up and probably cry as well (hee,hee) ♥

Kim Klassen said...

you are truly... wow... as sweet as sweet can be.
your art matches you...to perfection.

i love your project...
happy you are here with all of us...

have a beautiful day.
xxo, Kim

dbalyoz said...

Lori, wow.I'm seriously impressed. that's a lot of painting and a whole bucket load of love. thanks for being so inspiring... x denise

Prairie Girl Studio said...

as i type this, i am listening
to snatam with this overwhelming
sense of calm ... and feeling the love
you are spreading so generously, graciously
and freely ...
while this is quite an undertaking, if love
is your motivator, i sense you will accomplish
this, feeling the love returning to you ten fold ... wow.
thanks for sharing your beautiful art,
your heart and love with us ...