Feb 21, 2011

Inspiration and Dreams: 10 Ways to Make a Grey Day Special

Some of you may be lucky to live in a place that has unending sunshine this time of the year. Unfortunately, I do not. London has been particularly grey, damp and dreary this February, and I have been looking for ways to brighten up my days. This is my list. What is yours?

1. Visit your local garden center and wander among the flowers. Buy your favourites and plant them in a pot. Keep the pot by your window. Digging in the dirt may be bad for the nails, but it is good for the soul.

2. Lie on the floor. Look at things from an upside down perspective. Change rooms. Do the same again.

3. Make pancakes for dinner. Serve them with raspberries, whipped cream and champagne.

4. Play your favourite music. Lie on the couch with a blanket and listen. Really listen. Let your thoughts wander with the melody. Napping is absolutely allowed.

5. Make chocolate chip cookies. Add your favourite extras (mine are raisons and oatmeal). Eat the cookies warm from a pretty plate with lots of milk.

6. Turn your next meal into a picnic. Serve it on the floor of your living room. Don’t forget to use the picnic blanket.

7. Place a pen and a pad by your bed. When you wake, make a list of all the little things for which you are thankful. Read this list before you sleep. Expand your list on every grey and dreary day.

8. Buy gerbera daisies. Place each flower in its own vase and line them up on your window sill. Daisies are even more cheerful in the rain.

9. Before bed, draw yourself a bath. Light several candles and turn off all the lights. Enjoy your bath and go to bed by candlelight.

10. Go for a meandering walk.
Read more about this here on my Blog.

    Who-hooo and a great big happy dance! My blog is live and running. THANK YOU all for your encouragement and support as I worked to make this happen. Please stop by for a visit. I’d love to see you there.


    Marsha said...

    Pancakes for tea? With raspberries? And Cream? AND champagne?? I AM HAVING THAT TONIGHT. Oh yes...

    Lori said...

    Oh SWEET! I LOVE the first photo- winter skies lead to summer. So true. Nice to hear today after a winter storm last night. Love this post!

    Rosie said...

    What gorgeous ideas!! I feel like trying one after the other!

    artistaprilcole@gmail.com said...

    Thank you for the delightful ideas.
    Simple, peaceful, and possible to do :]

    Prairie Girl Studio said...

    making a grey day special ~ love it, denise!
    strolling through a garden center at this time of year always makes me giddy ... the smell of earth and moisture and green ~ yum!
    while i love all of your beautifully bright suggestions ... i think i think lying on the floor for new perspective is brilliant! if anything, it makes me giggle thinking of all of us around the globe lying on our floors with pensive little smiles on our faces ... : )

    Anna said...

    Indeed, this time of year can be sooooo dreary. I love your inventive ideas for making the transition to spring! Fresh flowers are on my list also, along with some fun new books, and learning new embroidery stitches with a couple friends :) Can't wait to enjoy your blog!

    kelly@thebluemuse said...

    Just what I need to hear just now! It seems like it has been the longest winter ever! The only thing I will add is starting seeds for my garden. That always makes me feel like Spring has suddenly moved into my life!
    On my way to check out your blog now!

    Loco Lindy said...

    Just up from a lovely nap, I can highly endorse it! Hmmm, what shall I try next?!

    Kari Desi said...

    MMMMMMM. What a great list!

    Jamie said...

    I so needed this list! January kicked my butt and February hasn't been any better.

    Chantal said...

    well, one of them is bound to work

    Jo said...

    today is one of those cloudy dreary days,this list fits me perfect, the only thing missing is half hour of meditation! namaste my friend :)

    Simply Bungalow said...

    Wonderful ideas. Lovely.

    Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

    I like the way you think! Especially #3 ;)