Feb 27, 2011


Every culture has it's own style. In every street you'll find people
who are kind of characteristic to the area you are currently standing in.
Some call it cliche. I call it street art.
There is art on you street too. Go out and find it.

1. Record Store Series (Coming soon!) (EXPLORED), 2. i spy, 3. Child in Bangladesh Slum, 4. Cops and Robbers, 5. Refugees, 6. Cuba Gallery: Australia / Melbourne / urban / city / people / cinematic / street photography / natural lighting / smoke / vintage / retro / light / portrait / photography

I'd love to see your street art.
Until next time!



artistaprilcole@gmail.com said...

I love this... very inspiring!

Anna said...

Amazing images! I keep coming back to the third photo, Child in Bangladesh Slum - captivating.

Prairie Girl Studio said...

pretty thought provoking group here, suki!

i think we are always captivated by what is happening on other streets far away and they always seem more compelling than something happening on our own town street ...
at least that is what i initially thought and then i started thinking about the many colourful street characters, many in days gone by i would like to have images of ... such incredible stories to catch ...
like these ones you have presented here ...

thanks for this view today, suki!

kelly@thebluemuse said...

beautiful images... this is the kind of photography i am always in awe of.

blue elephant photography said...

beautiful photo colleciton suki!