Jan 16, 2011

Sunday Shops

so happy to see you here at the zoo ... sunday shops style!


Beauty Spot

Lori Nichols



I hope to see see you here next week
exploring the beauty of warmth
blessings from my shop

[Red or Gray Art]


Prairie Girl Studio said...

i can not get my heart
to stop pounding!!
i knew this trip to the zoo
with you would be amazing ... : )

every piece of polina & sergey's
is a beautiful piece of art ...

lori's rib tickling creatures
are beyond delightful!
i want them all for my own zoo!!

monkeys make me giggly for sure ...
but shawn's 'sleepy sheep' gives me
the warm fuzzies ... xo

and who knew we would find the
sweetest little action mole with mint mittens ...
jen's playful creations are delightful!

can we go for hot cocoa now, aunti elk?
thanks so much ~ loved this!

Jen Ray said...

This is terrific! Thanks and great job on your beautiful blog.

Anna said...

Very fun picks! I especially love the red fox :)

Lori said...

I ADORE the little mug at the end.

Jamie said...

Oh - that sweet little monkey

kelly@thebluemuse said...

Oh my gosh, big smile here. I can't even decide which one I like best although I am leaning towards the fox.
So sweet!