Jan 8, 2011

New beginnings

A new year, a new beginning. These pictures featured from flickr here symbolize all a new beginning for me. In one way or the other. Share with me in form of a picture or comment what a new beginning looks like for you.
What does it mean to you?

1. Untitled, 2. 1/365: The Beginning., 3. fresh start (193/365), 4. {fresh starts}, 5. A fresh start. 1|7 (explore!), 6. Morning Light 1, 7. Spring, 8. {24/365} explore, 9. Lensbaby Kai Puddle Dancing, 10. {Finn}, 11. ***, 12. my old-fashioned baby



Kristy said...

Lovely beginnings!

Prairie Girl Studio said...

oooooo ... sweet babies ... blossoms ...love ... such wonderful new beginnings full of possibilities ...

a new beginning for me is always the changing of the seasons ~ embarking on whatever may present itself ... and right now i look to the sun and the lengthening light and all the hope it brings and how beneath the blanket of snow, without us ever being aware, stirs new life ... and this makes me oh, so very happy ... : )

thank you, suki ~ may all your new beginnings be joyous!

Jem said...

Absolutely gorgeous images - full of promise :-)

Thank you for sharing!

Jem xXx

Anna said...

Love your choices! For me new beginnings means, fresh ideas, new plans and goals, and spending much of this afternoon brainstorming about the future with my husband. So fun! Makes my heart soar!
Wishing you many happy new beginnings :)

Jamie said...

Suki - you did it again! You blew me away with your finds, so inspirational and beautiful.

kelly@thebluemuse said...

All amazing, but I loooove the baby on the lower left. sigh...

blue elephant photography said...

love these photos suki!