Jan 5, 2011

I am an Artist by Bonnie Rose

Hey there iStudio friends.

We have a new contributor in the Studio today.  Please welcome Bonnie Rose....

Bonnie is a colour artist.  She creates mixed media pieces, paper craft and more...  Her art is wonderfully colorful and upbeat.
Check out Bonnie's site HERE.  And while you are there, check out her new eCourse...  Color Your World.. sounds like fun?  Right?

Thanks for brightening our world today Bonnie...


This year, I am believing in myself more.
Proud of the woman I have become.
Growing and learning along the way.

Art has saved me time and time again.

My art saves me every day.

Every day.

I am leaping.
Being courageous. 
Growing my tribe.
And finding beautiful people along the way.
Will you come along?


Jamie said...

Welcome Bonnie! I can't wait to hear and see more of your art.

Kristin said...

hello dear bonnie! so glad to meet you!

mrs mediocrity said...

oh yes, so true and so perfect. welcome!

chrissy said...

so so happy to see you here miss bonnie rose. how exciting for you. BRAVE BRAVE girl!


Anna said...

Welcome Bonnie! Can't wait to see your colors! I know they're beautiful.

Prairie Girl Studio said...

hello bonnie rose ~
welcome to i.studio!

there is a place that art takes us to that is
powerful and can be tremendously healing ...
good for your for leaping!

so looking forward to your colourful postings ... : )