Jan 19, 2011

etsy gifts

Here are some of the beautiful gifts I got for the holidays from etsy that are making me happy.

liz lamoreux
blue eyed freckle
maisy and alice


Laura said...

Such wonderful items! I have a butterfly bracelet from Liz Lamoreux that I always get compliments on when I wear it. Etsy is filled with so many talented artists!

Teresa O said...

What stylish accessories and so much more fascinating because they're handcrafted.

BonnieRose said...

so so beautiful, every one! Thks for sharing with us Lori!

~Kristina said...

How pretty! I'm curious, though. Did you fill in a wish list for these fab finds?

Lori said...

I had them all in my favorites (in my etsy shop.) I favorite everything I would like to buy (Or have my husband buy me, haha) eventually. It is like a wish list. I have a girl friend who always buys me gifts from my favorites list.

Jamie said...

I love that necklace

maisy and alice said...

I'm so honored to have my necklace here among all this talent, thank you so much!

julie said...

i'm so glad that you like your ring! thank you for sharing it among such beautiful accessories! what an honor!

Prairie Girl Studio said...

oh lori! i can see how you are so happy!
was that brilliant, colourful ring made just for you?
smiling for you ~