Dec 11, 2010

~Reflecting on What I'm Learning~

~Reflecting on things I've learned in December~
Kim Klassen's textures and editing photos 
and reflecting on all I've learned thus far 
and all I am yet to learn
in the days and years ahead.....
Reflecting on...
the ideas for Reusing,
that I
recently learned through
a seminar I attended.

Reflecting on...
how i can continually be
more responsible
with green choices
in my life now
in the future.

Reflecting this Holiday Season on...
how blessed I truly am
to have family and friends
that mean the world to me.

Thank you iStudio family for allowing me to be a part of this great community.

You can read more and find links on my site if interested.  Thank you to Kim for the opportunity to buy and use these fabulous textures and layers she's created. I just love to do this now, and feel it adds so much inspiration to my life. 


BonnieRose said...

a beautiful post.. xo

Anna said...

Lovely photos and reflections! Your contributions will benefit iStudio.

Prairie Girl Studio said...

completely heartwarming, gretchen!

love your images ...
love your connecting with the green side ...
love you are here ... : )

happy holidays to you and yours!


Jamie said...

You've had an incredible month.

kelly@thebluemuse said...

lovely reflections indeed.

Heidi said...

Sweet and cozy. Thanks for the reflections!