Dec 23, 2010

Life's Soundtrack - Beautiful World

Frosted Dawn

I've been in a blissful mood all week.  My holiday shopping is done, the gifts are wrapped and I'm spending time with my loved ones.  Even the snow that just won't stop can't get me down.  I firmly believe we live in a Beautiful World.

With Christmas just around the corner I hope you are able to step back and marvel in joy at our Beautiful World.

Happy Holidays everyone.


~Kristina said...

It sure is a beautiful world.
Merry Christmas!

Anna said...

Beautiful photo! Happy holidays from beautiful WI.

Prairie Girl Studio said...

i was so happy to read that you are basking in the glory of the season, jamie! yay!

your image ... this song selection ...
absolutely, positively beautiful ...
as are you!

merry merry to you and yours ~

lisa said...

I am so happy that you are enjoying the season.
Merry Christmas Jamie.


blue elephant photography said...

merry christmas music lady =)