Nov 25, 2010

Life's Soundtrack ~ I Love Winter

Greetings family!

Bee here, and I have the honour and pleasure of filling in for the wonderful and fabulous Jamie this week while she is eating turkey and spending time with family over this thanksgiving weekend. I must start by saying just how much I love Jamie’s posts and how thankful I am for her. Every Thursday, I eagerly anticipate both the new topic and the mix from the past week. I always wonder – how does she come up with these GREAT ideas? I now know, it’s not easy. But today, an idea finally came to me…
Where I live, winter has arrived in all its glory. Today’s temperature is a balmy minus 22 degrees Celsius (-7.6 Fahrenheit to those of you in the U.S.). The sun is setting these days at 4:24pm. It’s dark when I go to work, and dark when I come home.

I will come around, as I do every year, to embrace the winter. I will love the simple beauty of snuggling under a blanket with all the candles lit and watching movies or reading books (or watching the fireplace TV channel – does anyone else find that strangely addicting and calming?) I will feel the excitement in getting bundled up to go out and do some skiing, tobogganing, or a long winter’s walk. I will laugh with joy as I make snow angels. I will admire the absolute breathtaking beauty of the beautiful hoarfrost that will settle on the trees. I will wrap my hands around my cup of coffee or tea and feel the warmth of those happy molecules work their magic as I take my first sip.

But I have to be honest and tell you… at this moment… I’m ready to jump on the first flight to anywhere with beaches, sunshine, and sea turtles! So… I need your help. Let’s make an I love Winter mix so that I can start to really embrace the season. I’ll get us started with a few of my favourite wintery songs.

Lorenna McKennit ~ Snow
Julie Doiron ~ Snow Falls in November
Hawksley Workman ~ It’s the first snow of the year

Sigur Ros ~ Olsen Olsen (this band, one of my all-time favourites, is from Iceland. I hear their music, and I close my eyes and think of those peaceful, calm winter nights where the snow is falling ever so softly)
Sarah McLachlan – Song for a Winter’s Night
Josh Ritter – Snow is Gone (in those moments where I need a reminder that the cold won’t last forever!)

Now… loving winter can be hard with all the hustle and bustle preparing for this season's holidays. That’s why Jamie’s topic from last week was bang on… we need a mix to put on to just breathe, relax, and to chill out during this busy time. So take a moment to check out the wonderful songs that Jamie and the rest of you put together. Close your eyes and feel that calm wash over you…

Jamie will be back again next week to bring you the results of the I love Winter mix and the new topic for the following week. In the meantime, make sure you share your favourite winter songs in the comments and I hope that the chill out mix gives you a little bit of space this week to take a breather!
~ Bee


~Kristina said...

I wish i could report a balmy 22*C. Instead, i look out at more snow falling and temps of -21*C.
When I think I LOVE WINTER, i think Snow Patrol with the song Chasing Cars.

Kim Klassen said...

hi Bee
thank you for being here!!

and for sharing your passion for music.....

i'm with you..... i will come around to embrace winter....but today i'm feeling a little grumbly about the raw wind... 'sigh'....

again...thanks for being here...xxo, kim

p.s. such a beautiful snow image pg.... LOVE....

Kristy said...

Stunningly Peaceful!

Prairie Girl Studio said...

dear santa ~

as you know, this has been quite the topsy turvy year and you know i have been trying to be a good and strong girl through it all ... and after hearing mary youngblood's sensational, soothing flute playing here at life's soundtrack, i just know what comfort one of her cd's would bring me and our household. would you please consider one in my stocking this christmas?

i so appreciate the artists and music i discover weekly here ... : ) so please put a little extra something nice in kim, jamie and bee's stockings, too.

most gratefully and forever yours,

Jill said...
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Jill said...


Joyelle @ An Artful Endeavor said...

I would add Footprints by Barenaked Ladies from the Barenaked for the Holidays Album.

Heather said...

beautiful photo. i love all holiday music,
George Winston - December is what i am listening to now! xx

Suki said...

Thanks for being at the i-studio this week. :)
Snow arrived here too.
I suggest winter song by sarah bareilles and ingrid michaelson.

kelly@thebluemuse said...

I woke up to snow today, just an inch, but I breathed in that fabulous smell and that was all it took to make me fall in love with winter. (Right around February I will start to change my mind...)
Thanks for a lovely idea, I will I have always loved Joni Mitchell's "River."

deb said...

thank you so much for this.

I embrace this season slowly, and yes,
music helps.

Prairie Girl Studio said...

i love the topic of winter, bee ~ thanks!
i love embracing the elements ...
donning warm gear for walking, shovelling, sliding, skiing ... wheee! i love the pristine white of winter and how all flora rests beneath the blanket ... *serious sigh*

and i love all the selections suggested ...
here are a few more for the mix ... : )

joshua radin - winter

tori amos - winter (from "live at montreux 91/92")

fleet foxes - white winter hymnal

doris day - let it snow

while the first movement of vivadi's winter is sure to get you walking briskly, the second movement is so serene ~ you can hear the snow falling ...
mario hossen, violin ~ vivaldi - winter 2nd movement

hope you had a most lovely holiday, jamie!
thanks so much, miss bee for doing such a wonderful job this week! {hugs and love}

Lisa said...

What a beautiful photograph this is!!

blue elephant photography said...

great post bee! i love winter a lot, the snowy part of it ♥ i like Winter Song - Sara Bareilles/Ingrid Michaelson; Wintersong by Sarah Mclachlan

Melissa said...

All wonderful songs. I've learned to embrace the snow here in Pennsylvania. My favorite thing to do is to go snow shoeing! Try out the song "It Snowed Last Night" by Meaghan Smith. It has a wonderful 1940s feel to it.