Nov 11, 2010

Life's Soundtrack - Gratitude

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For me, November has always been a month where I start to think about all the things I'm grateful for; I'm sure it has something to do with the American Thanksgiving holiday coming up later this month.  But even if you are Canadian and celebrated Thanksgiving last month, or are from a country that doesn't have a holiday based on giving thanks, it never hurts to stop and take a minute to list some of the things for which you are grateful.

The simple act of making a list and expressing gratitude always cheers me up as I realize how truly blessed I am and what a beautiful life I have.  I thought maybe you'd like to do the same and together we can build a playlist for of things we are grateful are in our lives.  This is a wide open playlist - you can be grateful for an amazing songwriter who wrote a song that gives you chills, so you share that song.  You can be thankful for a good friend, who just happens to share a first name with the artist behind a certain song, so you share that song.  You could be grateful for the rain, so you share your favorite song about rain.  Sound easy?  I'll get us going.

  • I'm thankful for an amazing and supportive family.  U2 - Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own
  • I'm thankful for my job that allowed me to live on the other side of the earth - and for bought me home again.  Dierks Bentley - Beautiful World
  • I'm grateful the public library which helped me discover this amazing band - Atherton - Sing You a Song
  • I'm grateful for my friend amazing L. Cohen, who not only keeps my computer running, but is one of the most generous guys I know, and shares a name with one of the world's most amazing songwriters - Famous Blue Raincoat
  • I'm thankful for Mary Chapin Carpenter for writing and recording the songs that speak to my soul - I Have a Need for Solitude
  • I'm thankful for the friends and blogs who introduced me to this band:  The Head and the Heart - Lost in My Mind
  • I'm thankful for a belief in a higher power and the peace that faith brings to my life.  Reprise Quartet - How Great Thou Art
I'm also grateful for all of you and your support and awesome song picks each week!  I've been LOVING our workout mix for the past couple of days.  I think it is going to help us keep our workouts fresh.  I know I'm planning to use it on the elliptical trainer now that the snow will keep my workouts indoors.

To play the songs in the Anti-Candy Mix, click on the sideways triangle in the middle of the embedded player above.  You can skip ahead or go back by clicking on the < or > on either edge of the player.

Here is the LINK to the iMix with the songs from the Anti-Candy Mix if you want to download a song or the entire mix.  Unfortunately, I've only been able to make this work with the US iTunes Store, if anyone knows how I might be able to make it work internationally, please drop me a line.   Here is a LINK to my YouTube channel where you can see mixes from previous posts.

I hope you enjoy the Anti-Candy Mix and it keeps you going.  Don't forget to share your gratitude list and song(s) to accompany it in the comments section for our next list.  I know creating my list was an empowering and beautiful thing, I feel so blessed and fortunate in my life.  I hope the exercise leaves you feeling the same way.


Kat Sloma said...

For some reason, as I read this post the song "I will not take these things for granted" by Toad the Wet Sprocket came to mind. I am listening to it now! :)

ELK said...

lovely list ..gratitude abounds among the titles what a true music lover you are!!

lisa said...

What a lovely post Jamie, and truly inspiring. Thank you.


urban muser said...

Great post!

Here are 2:

I am thankful for my husband who is also my best friend. "The Way I Am"-Ingrid Michaelson

I am grateful everyday for my dog Willow, who is a "rescue dog", but really, she rescued me. "The Dog Song"-Nellie McKay.

Hope I did that right!!

Krystal said...

I am SO excited to listen to this :)

Here is my song for the next list: I'm thankful for one of my best friends, Justin - and the huge impact he's had on my life. also...his amazing music and lyrics - the best songwriter i know!

mrs mediocrity said...

You do such a great job with these lists.
Right now I am feeling thankful for life. Which made me think of Losing my Religion by R.E.M.

And Famous Blue Raincoat is one of my favorite songs ever!

Gilding Lilies said...

Jamie this is one of my all time favorite songs! Good job Girlie!

Karen said...

Hi Jamie,
Your workout mix is a perfect combination. It will certainly get me a movin. I really enjoyed listening to it and will have to download for my ipod.

Perfect timing for your latest theme giving thanks.
When I was reading your post I was thinking of Mary Chapin carpenter, Thanksgiving song and saw that you too mentioned her. She is so awesome.
I also wanted to note;
Josh Groban - Thankful
Dido; Thank you
Alanis Morissette famous song also called; Thank you.
I know you will put together another fabulous list for us to listen to while we prepare to be with friends and family in the coming weeks. Cheers!

bee said...

Hi Jamie!

I'm so sorry I missed commenting last week... but the anti-candy mix is totally move-your-butt awesome! :)

Love your theme for this week. Quite a few years ago, my aunt gave me the "Simple Abundance" book as a gift. There were many important lessons from that book, but one of my favourites was the gratitude journal. Although I don't keep a physical list, if I'm having a bad day, I still count the 5 things I'm grateful for, and it always makes me feel better.

So, here's 5 things and 5 songs for you today:

1. I'm grateful for hope. John Lennon's Imagine.
2. I'm grateful for the rich and beautiful friendships I have in my life. Bill Withers Lean on Me.
3. I'm grateful for the beauty of the natural world. Eric Whitacre's choral piece based on ee cumming's beautiful poem - I thank you God for most this amazing day.
4. I'm grateful to be completely in love with my fella. Be Mine by R.E.M.
5. And I'm sooo very grateful for my wonderful, amazing family. We are close, we have great love, and it is the biggest blessing of my life. We are Family by Sister Sledge.

OH... and since one can never be too grateful, how about one for Jamie, and her love of music too? Music by Madonna.

Thanks for bringing some gratitude into my Monday!


blue elephant photography said...

i've actually done a thank you blog a few months back :) and yes, everyday i am thankful for every little thing. like i just finished working on my client's photos - twin babies! yay! now i need to start working on engagement photos whew.
this has been truly a journey for me - i love photography and i am thankful for this gift :)
i am thankful for having such an awesome supportive equally talented husband - Just What I needed by The Cars is stuck on my head. And yes, he is all that I need.

p.s love your song!