Nov 18, 2010

Life's Soundtrack - Chill-Out

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Photo by BohoMon from the I-Studio Flickr Group

I have a confession - I'm feeling a bit tense, stressed out and altogether frazzled.  I'm frantically trying to finish up a big project at work so I can take next week off to spend it with my family.  But work isn't all that has me stressed, I realized today that I have barely given a thought to my holiday shopping.  And then there are all those projects around the house I've started and are still unfinished.  Somehow I have a feeling I'm not the only one out there feeling the pressure, and with the holiday season rapidly approaching, I suspect it is only going to be worse.

I think we need a chill-out mix that we can listen to when we need to get back to that zen place.  Songs that can instantly bring our blood pressure down and put us in a mellow mood.  Please take a minute and share in the comments those songs that you turn to when you need to relax and just breathe.  I have a feeling I'll be listening to this list many times in the coming weeks!  Let me get us started:

Alexi Murdoch - Shine
Court Yard Hounds - Skyline
The Duhk's - Heaven's My Home
Ray LaMontagne - Let it Be Me
Sting - Fragile
Zac Brown Band - Free
Alison Krauss & Union Station - The Lucky One
Ane Brun - Raise My Head

Before I get too mellow, I have to share the awesome gratitude list we put together last week.  It is full of songs that will make you warm and fuzzy with thankfulness and have you counting your blessings.  I'm planning to listen to it while I cook my turkey (okay, in all honestly while I watch my mom cook the turkey.)  Thanks for giving me the perfect mix to go with my Thanksgiving.

To play the songs in the Gratitude Mix, click on the sideways triangle in the middle of the embedded player.  You can skip ahead or go back by clicking on the < or > on either edge of the player.
Here is the LINK to the i-Tunes version of the Gratitude Mix (US iTunes store only, sorry)

I hope you enjoy the Gratitude Mix as much as I have - and for those of you in the US - Happy Thanksgiving next week.  As I mentioned earlier, I'm taking next week off to spend it with my family - but don't worry, I have a very special guest who will make sure you get your weekly dose of music. 

Don't forget to take a minute to share some of your favorite chill-out songs in the comments, helping us all find a way to relax during the crazy, holiday weeks to come.

Happy Listening


Barb Phillips said...

thanks for sharing the video, did you make this or is it found on utube

ELK said...

just get done what you can ..leave the really is ok...

urban muser said...

i'm with you on the stress levels! work is crazy and i feel like my creative juices are being stifled. and holiday shopping...? seriously don't know when that will happen. i'll be back with some chill songs when i have a minute. didn't mean to add to your stress...hang in there!

Anika said...

I think it must be that time of year. I am feeling some pressure to get a lot of things done...but slowing down and remembering what is really important, like you being with your family (and me too!), helps keep things in perspective...and good music definitely helps. Have a good week!

Oh, I listen to any Brazilian bossanovas or jazz from the 40s or earlier-instant soother!

kelly@thebluemuse said...

yes, the stress. but since i have been doing shows, it has put the normal holiday stress into perspective for me, after i finish with the shows, getting ready for christmas feels relatively easy.

When I am stressed I like the Cowboy Junkies, her voice i so soothing, I love Ben Webster's Quiet Now cd, and sometimes, Schubert does the trick.

Have a fabulous time with your family next week, and don't worry, it will get done, and whatever doesn't it will be okay!

Carola Bartz said...

Why are the holidays always so stressful? It should be the opposite..
In stressfull and other times I love to listen to Native American Music / New Age. It really soothes me. And also Cowboy Junkies, Eva Cassidy, Norah Jones, Roberta Flack... all women. Hm.

Krystal said...

aw i love that toad the wet sprocket one :)

Karen said...

Happy Thanksgiving Jamie!
Hope you have a great time with friends and family.
I'm hoping for some much needed r&r next week.
To help soothe the soul how about:
Enya; Amid the falling snow
Moody Blues; Voices in the sky
Paul Simon; Further to fly
Roxy Music; Avalon

Great gratitude Mix....I really enjoyed listening and feeling the greatful vibes...

Lori said...

Yeah, it's frazzle out season for sure. I hope you got your project done and have been enjoying your family. I'm going to play the video now. Take care jamie!

bee said...

when i need to mellow out, chill out, relax, i would put on... iron and wine... kings of convenience, k.d. lang, sufjan stevens... the softer and gentler the better!

happy thanksgiving, jamie! enjoy your time off with your family. i hope it is very relaxing and chill!

take care,

blue elephant photography said...

love the video, i've been a u2 fan since i was in grade school lol i was just at your site listening to sia and now i'm hopping over here to get more music. enjoy your thanksgiving. my husband and i are not from here but we are grateful for a lot of things, so i think we will go with a chicken sorta dinner :)
i listen to "the smiths" i love their songs like please, please let me or what difference does it make
iron and wine's such great heights i love that too

Prairie Girl Studio said...

hi sweet jamie!
oh my word ~ i fell right off the map this past while ... but i have been listening!!
i loved your gratitude mix ... gosh, there is just so much to be grateful for ... : )

and ah ... chillin out ... we all need to do more and more of this ... chill'axin ... yup! kinda hard to do when you have a list a mile long ... just breathe and do one thing at a time ... xo

i sure wish you and yours a most loving thanksgiving, jamie ... here are some of my 'quiet' songs to help keep you in the moment ...maybe put the kettle on ... give your mind and body a wee rest ... xoxo

claude debussy ~ arabesque no. 1

ferron ~ snowin' in brooklyn

jesse cook ~ breathing below surface

and for me, there isn't any place on the planet than can make my heart race and fairly stop at the same time ...
orkney anthem son et lumiere

blessings ~